True Crime: Breaking News: More Problems For R. Kelly; And Why The Husband Of A Missing Connecticut Mom Is Being Brought Back To CourtToday, Dr. Oz interviews two women who survived serial killer Ted Bundy’s last and most infamous attacks at a sorority house of Florida State University.
Dog The Bounty Hunter In Crisis: The Dr. Oz House Call You Have To SeeEarlier this month, Dog the Bounty Hunter sat down with Dr. Oz and opened up like never before about the devastating loss of his wife, Beth.  So, when news broke that Dog was admitted into the hospital for a heart emergency and, against medical advice, checked himself out, Dr. Oz knew he had to intervene.
Beyond The Grave: Are You Missing Signs From A Loved One?We all search for answers when we lose the people closest to us, but could you be missing the signs your loved ones are sending from the other side?
Murder She Saw: What This Medium Saw Inside A Murder HouseOn today’s True Crime, Dr. Oz investigates a 19th-century mansion that holds the secrets to a grisly mob murder.  Medium Anna Raimondi goes inside the home, which has been on and off the real estate market for years, to investigate paranormal activity and help unravel its murderous past.
Food Fact Check: Does Cooking In The Microwave Kill All The Nutrients In My Food?When it comes to cooking, reheating or defrosting, your microwave is undeniably convenient and gets the job done, but could it be too good to be true?
True Crime: Ted Bundy Survivors On Why The Nation’s Obsession With The Serial Killer Still Torments ThemToday, Dr. Oz interviews two women who survived serial killer Ted Bundy’s last and most infamous attacks at a sorority house of Florida State University.
Oz Exclusive: Fertility Mix-Up Nightmare: My Son Was Born To Another WomanA fertility mix-up became a living nightmare when a clinic’s mistakes resulted in multiple women being implanted with the wrong embryos and giving birth to other couples’ babies.
Food Fact Check: Seltzer Boom: What’s Really Hidden In Your Favorite Seltzer?With the growing popularity surrounding seltzer, it seems like sparkling water is the one thing you can drink without feeling guilty!  Whether you’re on Keto or paleo or vegan, these bubbles are compliant with almost every diet out there!  But are they as healthy as they seem?
True Crime: Breaking News: Where Is Missing Mom Jennifer Dulos?On May 24th, Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos vanished into thin air after dropping her five children off at school.  Many of the theories surrounding her disappearance implicate Jennifer’s estranged husband, Fotis, and his girlfriend who have been arrested twice for tampering with evidence.
Breaking News: Collapsed Lung, Mysterious Symptoms: Is Vaping The Reason?It’s a real-time medical mystery that’s spreading from coast to coast.  Increasing cases of collapsed lungs, seizures, and breathing problems in young people have medical professionals questioning if vaping is the cause.
True Crime: "I Survived Being Branded By The Nxivm Cult"Today, Dr. Oz speaks to one of NXIVM’s top recruiters about the harrowing experience of being inhumanely branded for its leader, Keith Raniere.
From The Impossible Burger To Beyond Sausage: Inside The Meatless Fast-Food CrazeThe rise of meatless meat is one of the most significant changes to hit fast-food restaurants, causing a consumer frenzy.  The plant-based alternatives claim to recreate the juicy, taste of meat, but are they healthier?
Caught On Tape: Disgusting Supermarket Behavior That Will Outrage YouSurveillance footage of people touching, spitting, and even urinating on the food we buy and feed to our families is making headlines across the country.
Oz Exclusive: Dog The Bounty Hunter On Grief And Loss After The Death Of His Wife BethDog the Bounty Hunter, became a household name when his first reality show about chasing down criminals premiered 15 years ago.
Oz Exclusive: Wendy Williams One-On-OneToday, an intimate conversation with Wendy Williams about how she’s called on the “Power of 1” to overcome life’s challenges and truly gain her freedom.  After a tough year, Wendy is opening up to Dr. Oz about living with a chronic and painful disorder and how she is making her health a priority.