Oz Exclusive: Jimmy Kimmel One-On-One With Details On His Son’s Heart Condition You Haven’t HeardToday, Dr. Oz goes one-on-one in an exclusive interview with comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel about his most personal health struggles. 
Beyond The Grave: Are You Missing Signs From A Loved One?We all search for answers when we lose the people closest to us, but could you be missing the signs your loved ones are sending from the other side?
Oz Exclusive: The Real Story Behind The Adoption Gone Wrong Of Girl With DwarfismHeadlines about Natalia Barnett have sparked debates around the world: is she a 16-year-old girl abandoned by her adoptive parents or an adult sociopath?  In spite of the controversy surrounding her age, Natalia’s living with a new family who wants to adopt her, Antwon and Cynthia Mans, resulting in legal issues for everyone involved.
True Crime: Exclusive: Natalie Wood’s Boat Captain One-On-One On The Fateful Night She DiedThe death of actress Natalie Wood is one of Hollywood’s darkest and unsolved mysteries of all time.  For years, everyone has speculated about what really happened on that fatal voyage, and if the others onboard know more than they’ve let on. 
Medical Mystery: Caught Drunk Driving But Wasn't DrinkingToday, Dr. Oz investigates mysterious cases of people who reek of liquor, stumble, slur their words, and even get into dangerous accidents, but weren’t drinking alcohol. 
Breaking News: New R. Kelly Charges Related To Illegal Marriage To Aaliyah And Girlfriend Joycelyn Savage ResurfacesToday, Dr. Oz’s crime panel delivers breaking news updates on the case against R. Kelly, including a new charge that he may have bribed a government official for a fake ID to marry the singer Aaliyah when she was just 15 years old.
Full House Scandal: Star Opens Up About Lori Loughlin And Mental HealthToday, Dr. Oz speaks to actress Andrea Barber, best known for her breakout role playing D.J. Tanner’s best friend on “Full House”, one of the biggest sitcoms in the nineties.
True Crime: Rodney Reed Death Sentence Suspended After Kim Kardashian Outcry: What Happens Now?Today, the latest updates on the case of death row inmate Rodney Reed who, until recently, was scheduled to be executed for the abduction, rape, and murder of Stacey Stites.
Viral Road Rage Nightmares Caught On TapeToday, from angry drivers using their cars as weapons to ram others out of the way to physical fights breaking out on the road, we take a closer look at road rage nightmares caught on tape.  Dr. Oz speaks with one man who had a gun pulled on him when he tried to film another driver’s erratic and dangerous driving.
Medical Mystery: Why Is This Teen Crying Bloody Tears?Today, Dr. Oz investigates a medical mystery that caused a teenage girl to cry blood from her eyes and eventually lose her eyesight forever.
True Crime: Philly Teacher Stabbed 20 Times: Was It Suicide Or Murder?The controversial death of Ellen Greenberg has rattled minds for years after she was found stabbed 20 times inside her locked apartment, and her death labeled a suicide.
How Long Is Too Long To Wear Athleisure? The Grossest Thing Our Investigation UncoveredToday, Dr. Oz investigates the question on everyone’s minds: How long is too long to stay in your athleisure wear?  We examine what science has to say, and former athleisure addicts speak out about the health issues they experienced that caused them to give up their yoga pants.
True Crime: I Was StalkedAn estimated 4.5 million people are victims of stalking every year, from celebrities to everyday people - no one is immune.
Oz Investigates: Is Your Fast-Food Container Causing Cancer?Today, Dr. Oz asks the question: is your fast-food container causing cancer?
Very Personal Oz: The Signs Dr. Oz Missed That His Mom Has Alzheimer’sWith Thanksgiving around the corner, Dr. Oz is showing you the tips and tricks to make the holidays stress free.