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Karmanos Cancer Institute Resumes All Services As Cases Of COVID-19 DeclineAs restrictions put in place by the Governor are lifted, Karmanos Cancer Institute continues to offer all cancer care services.
Appearing "Suspicious" Or Covering Mouth A Real Fear For Some During PandemicThere is no criminal penalty for not wearing a face mask in public in Michigan, but businesses and venues can refuse people entry for it
How To Lower Your Coronavirus Risk When Eating Out: Advice From An ExpertNow that some restaurants and bars are reopening to the public, it's important to realize that eating out can definitely increase your risk of exposure to the new coronavirus.
Randomly Selected Healthcare Worker Promised Role By Kevin HartKevin Hart found an upside to putting his name to a charitable cause during the coronavirus pandemic: the comedian offered a walk-on role in a future film to a health-care worker in the COVID-19 fight.
Coca-Cola Helps in Getting Face Shields to Michigan HospitalsIn a press release released Wednesday, Coca-Cola in conjunction with the non-profit organization MakersRespond, donated 65,000 plastic face shields to the State of Michigan to aid medical workers.
Americans Getting 16.4 Hours More Sleep Amid Stay-At-Home OrderIn the same study, see which cities are ranked the best and worst for sleep using a variety of different factors.
COVID-19 & Pets: What You Need To KnowA lot of misinformation about the relationship between pets and this pandemic has been released. Here are answers from experts to 12 pet-related questions surrounding the coronavirus.
No Mask, No Ride. Uber Gives Drivers Right To Deny PassengersStarting Monday, Uber will require drivers and passengers to verify they are wearing face coverings before the ride can begin.
Researchers Developing Device That Could Detect COVID-19 Using Your SmartphoneWhat started as a device to help detect a Zika virus could become be programmed to identify COVID-19 instead, say researchers in Utah.
55% Fewer Americans Sought Hospital Care In March-April Due To COVID-19Analysis of 2 Million Patient Encounters Reveals U.S. Hospitals are Losing $60 Billion per Month; Uninsured Patients Up 114% During COVID-19 Pandemic.
Feet First Foundation Provides Character-Building For At-Risk KidsFeet First Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides a character-building program for public schools. See their first shelter in place video that you can watch and follow along at home.
Don't Look Now But Red Meat And Chicken Are Hard To FindThe effects of the coronavirus pandemic have moved beyond meat processing plants and are now hitting dinner plates.