Amazon Plans To Start Delivering Packages With DronesAmazon has grand plans to deliver packages to its customers via autonomous drones but first it needs to get clearance.
Samsung Finally Bids Farewell To Headphone JackWhen Apple removed the headphone jack from its iPhone 7 in 2016, Samsung pushed out a series of ads mocking the decision. Some executives even threw shade at its biggest competitor during a demo of wired headphones at a big product launch.
How To Stop Your Alexa Voice Recordings From Being Reviewed By A HumanDigital voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa have become household staples. But recent reports that they're listening more often than people realize, and recording snippets of conversations that are sometimes reviewed by humans, have people once again worried about their privacy.
Walmart To Start Streaming ServiceWalmart is opening up another front in its battle with Amazon to dominate India's online market — video.
Subway Is Testing Out Meatless Meatball SubSubway is exploring the plant-based protein trend with a meatless meatball sub.
Walgreens To Close About 200 U.S. StoresWalgreens will close about 200 locations across the United States as part of its plan to cut costs.
Sprint Is Launching A New OnePlus 5G SmartphoneSprint is adding yet another smartphone to its 5G lineup.
Barney's To File For BankruptcyBarneys, an icon of America's luxury clothing world for decades, has filed for bankruptcy.
Tencent Wants To Own Shares Of Universal Music GroupChinese tech giant Tencent could soon own 10% of the music group behind Drake and Ariana Grande.
Apple's Credit Card Is Available, Not Everyone Has AccessFive months after it was announced, Apple's first credit card is now available — but not to everyone.
Instagram Is Changing The Way People Buy ThingsInstagram is great for sharing photos, interacting with celebrities and discovering trendy looks — everything even Amazon has struggled to perfect. Fashion houses, retailers and big brands see an opportunity.