Lobsterman Catches Cotton-Candy Colored LobsterMaine lobsterman John McInnes seems to have a knack for catching colorful crustaceans.
Scientists Say Vodka From Chernobyl's Exclusion Zone Safe To DrinkA team of scientists who brewed vodka from rye grain grown within Chernobyl's radioactive exclusion zone insist it is safe to drink it.
Police: Woman Claims Meth Found Hidden In Vagina Isn't HersA Louisiana woman told investigators the methamphetamine allegedly found inside her vagina did not belong to her, according to the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office.
Man's Leg Amputated After Contracting Flesh-Eating Bacteria At State ParkA Connecticut man who contracted flesh-eating bacteria after swimming at a state park had to have his leg amputated, according to his family.
Report: Former Manager Of A Dave And Buster's Stole $142,000The former general manager of a Dave and Buster's sports bar allegedly stole more than $142,000, according to authorities in Memphis.
Sales Of Bulletproof Backpacks Have Surged 200% to 300%With every mass shooting in the United States comes renewed fear of another.
Lioness Eats Her Own Cubs After Giving BirthA lioness at a German zoo has killed and eaten her two newborn cubs just days after giving birth, to the horror of her keepers.
Woman Bitten In Face By Octopus While Posing For PhotoWhat started out as a fun picture ended with an octopus biting a woman's face with poisonous venom.
Jack In The Box Worker Caught Prepping Food While BarefootJack in the Box says employees are required to wear shoes but a customer in Texas said he snapped a photo of a worker preparing food while barefoot.
3 Killer Whales Presumed Dead, Leaving Only 73 In PopulationThe Southern Resident killer whale population has fallen to only 73 because three adult killer whales reported missing in July are now presumed to be dead.
Man Accused Of Attacking Boy For ‘Disrespecting’ National AnthemA Montana man allegedly assaulted a teenage boy Saturday because he did not remove his hat during the national anthem, authorities said.
Crashed Spacecraft Leaves Creatures On MoonYou've heard of men on the moon -- but what about moss piglets?
Barcelona Confirms Women Can Swim Topless In City PoolsIt's OK for women to bathe topless in Barcelona's city-run pools, authorities have confirmed, after complaints that some swimming spots were discriminating against those wanting to bare more.
Jupiter, Saturn And The Moon To Line Up In Night Sky This WeekVenus and Mars are currently blocked from our view by the sun, but this week is a great chance to catch Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction with the moon.
Mom Allegedly Leaves Baby In 116-Degree CarShe told police, “I began walking and forgot her,” according to an affidavit obtained by officials.