Florida To Release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To Combat DiseaseThe plan approved this week calls for a pilot project in 2021 involving the striped-legged Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is not native to Florida
Admitting To At Least 87 Victims, Golden State Killer Called 'Evil Monster With No Soul"'"Each time, he escaped, slipping away silently into the night, leaving communities terrified for years"
Acclaimed Civil Rights Photographer Dan Budnik Dies In Tucson At Age 87"He had a very good sense of people and how those people were reacting to the times and he could capture that essence. I think that was one of his greatest skills"
Ohio Serial Killer's Death Sentence Upheld Says State Supreme CourtDefendant Anthony Kirkland was originally sentenced to death in 2010 for killing 14-year-old Casonya Crawford in 2006 and 13-year-old Esme Kenney in 2009 in southwestern Ohio.
Teen Girl Plows Car Into 5 Pedestrians To Get Back At BoyfriendPolice said the accident was related to a "domestic dispute" and all the victims knew the driver.
City Of Flint, Business Group Settle Lawsuit Over 7 Year-Old Boy's HandcuffingFlint and the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce are each paying $20,000, according to a settlement filed last week in federal court.
How To Plan ‘Your Next Five Moves’ For Success At Work When you consider it, chess and business have a lot in common. In both, you need to think several moves ahead if you want to come out on top, whether that means winning a high-stakes game or snagging that long-anticipated promotion.
Run-DMC Star 'Jam Master Jay' Murder Solved, 2 Men Charged Say FedsJason "Jay" Mizell, known professionally as Jam Master Jay, formed Run-DMC with Joseph "Run" Simmons and Darryl "DMC" McDaniel in the early 1980s
South Carolina Man Caught Trying To Kidnap WWE StarPhillip A. Thomas II, 24, of Cordesville, South Carolina, was arrested early Sunday for attempting to carry out the plot, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said in a news release.
Grandma's On Your Side With $4,000 In Prize Money This Labor Day!Grandma's® Original Recipes is awarding $4,000 in prize money to four lucky winners from Michigan, Indiana, Ohio or Pennsylvania who want to give back to their family or their community.
Bald Eagle Attacks State Drone Sending It To The Bottom Of Lake MichiganA $950 drone belonging to the State of Michigan was being flown to document shoreline erosion damage in the Upper Peninsula when it was suddenly attacked by a bald eagle.
Tribune Publishing Shutting Down 5 Newsrooms Including NY Daily NewsThe company said the newspapers will continue to be published with employees working from home as they have been during the coronavirus pandemic.
Florida Man Arrested For Building 26 Pipe BombsPalm Beach County sheriff's arrested a man after finding more than two dozen pipe bombs, including some that contained nails, screws and metal pellets.
Michigan Forest Transformed With Interactive Psychedelic Color DisplayGlenlore Trails is a half-mile outdoor path that has been transformed by Bluewater Technologies into an interactive sensory forest light show.
'The Institutions That Haven't Gotten Enough Scrutiny Are White Christian Churches': Robert P. Jones On Book 'White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity'Robert P. Jones is the CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute and discusses the history of racism in Christianity.