Hip-Hop Star Meek Mill On His Incarceration And Crisis In The Parole SystemReports claim that 4.5 million people in our country are on parole or probation and more than half return to prison due to minor probation violations. This statistic hits close to home for hip-hop star Meek Mill whose ongoing legal battles, stemming from an arrest at age 19, have motivated him to go from artist to activist.
True Crime: What Does Natalie Wood's Autopsy Reveal About What Happened On The Boat?Hollywood actress Natalie Wood's body was discovered floating in the Pacific Ocean, hours after a night on her yacht with her husband Robert Wagner and co-star Christopher Walken. Following that evening, investigators classified her death as a tragic accident.
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Survivor Casting Call Photo GallerySurvivor Casting Call Photo Gallery
True Crime Tuesday: Oz Exclusive: Convicted Killer Drew Peterson's Two Sons Speak OutDrew Peterson first made worldwide headlines in 2007 with his unusual behavior during the disappearance of his fourth with, Stacy. But, it was the suspicious death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio that would ultimately put the retired police sergeant in prison for murder. 
Apocalyptic Sex Cult Survivor Speaks OutToday, Dr. Oz takes a deep dive into the surprising psychology of cults and examines who could be at risk. We take a closer look at the apocalyptic cult, the “Children of God,” whose leader entranced his followers to believe the world was ending and manipulated them into committing unthinkable acts.
Oz Investigates Fiery Hot Snack Foods: Are Extreme Spicy Chips Safe?Today, Dr. Oz investigates a nation-wide obsession taking over supermarket aisles: fiery hot chips and cheese snacks.  Headlines linking these spicy snacks to stomach pains, ulcers, and even trips to the ER, have us asking the question: Are extreme spicy chips safe?
Howie Mandel Opens Up Using Humor To Tackle His HealthComedian Howie Mandel has been making people laugh for the past 40 years, but behind the laughter, he's dealt with some serious health issues.
OZ INVESTIGATES: WHAT'S REALLY IN JARRED SALSA AND GUACAMOLE?Today, Dr. Oz launches a supermarket investigation into two of the most popular foods: salsa and guacamole.  We all know the ingredients that go into making them at home, but what are they really putting in your jarred guacamole?
Oz Investigates: Frozen Fish Products From Fish Sticks To FilletsOver the years the frozen food aisle has seen an influx of innovative products utilizing better ingredients and offering more variety, but many people continue to shy away from frozen fish options.  Today, Dr. Oz takes a deep dive into frozen fish to separate fact from fiction once and for all.
Cheap Chicken – What Are You Really Getting When You Pay Less?We all want quality meat for our families, but finding the freshest and healthiest options while staying on budget can feel impossible.  Today, Dr. Oz and Julia Collin Davison, from “America’s Test Kitchen” are breaking down cheap chicken at your supermarket.