Science of Weather: How Weather Impacts Costumes at The Henry Ford MuseumHow does weather impact costumes at The Henry Ford Museum? Meteorologist Kylee Miller explains in this Science of Weather segment.
Science of Weather: Storm Prediction Center Convective OutlooksBefore the storm strikes, you need to be prepared. Meteorologist Kylee Miller breaks down the Storm Prediction Center Convective Outlooks in this Science of Weather segment.
Science of Weather: Detroit ZooOur friends at the Detroit Zoo explain the importance of knowing the local daily weather forecast. Meteorologist Kylee takes us to the Detroit Zoo in this week's Science of Weather.
Dangerous Heat Wave Descends On Parts Of Midwest And SouthMuch of the Midwest and a swath of the South braced for a potentially dangerous and deadly heat wave on Tuesday, with temperatures that could reach record highs in some places and combine with humidity to make it feel like it’s 100 degrees or hotter in spots.
Science of Weather: Wind TurbinesWind Turbines are placed strategically across the nation and even offshore, in the ocean waters. So how does wind energy get created? The weather of course! Meteorologist talks about wind energy in this Science of Weather segment.
Science of Weather: Brightmoor Flower FarmMeteorologist Kylee Miller takes a trip to Brightmoor Flower Farm in this weeks Science of Weather.
Science of Weather: O'Shea Solar ParkO'Shea Solar Park is one of the largest urban solar arrays in the region. Meteorologist Kylee Miller shows us the facility in this Science of Weather segment.
Science of Weather: Hurricane Preparedness WeekThis week, May 1-7, 2022, is hurricane preparedness week, and even though we don’t get directly impacted by hurricanes in Michigan, there are still things you need to know.
Science of Weather: Underwater GlidersObservation systems in the Great Lakes generate information about weather, water conditions, ecosystems, nutrients, and more. Meteorologist Kylee Miller spoke with Russ Miller, University of Michigan Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research (CIGLR), about getting Gliders, an advanced instrument, ready to go out in the Great Lakes to collect samples.
Science of Weather: Weather, Climate, Earth DayClimate and weather patterns have been changing over a period of time… time is the keyword! Meteorologist Kylee Miller spoke with Richard Rood, professor of climate science at the University of Michigan, about weather, climate, and Earth day.
Science of Weather: NOAA GLERL Water BuoysScience instruments can be put just about anywhere, and come in all different shapes and sizes. Meteorologist Kylee Miller took a trip to NOAA in Ann Arbor, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory and shows us the water buoys and what they do.