Part Of Detroit's 36th District Court Closed Due To Building ProblemAll felony cases scheduled at Frank Murphy Hall of Justice will still proceed as planned Tuesday.
36th District Court In Detroit Evacuated Due To Bomb ThreatAfter noon, a K-9 team was still inside, sniffing around for explosives.
Detroit Judge May Lose Job After Recommendation From PanelA judicial watchdog is recommending the removal of Detroit Judge Brenda Sanders due to mental illness.
Detroit Judge Deemed 'Psychotic,' Unfit To Hold OfficeA judicial watchdog has determined a Detroit judge is "psychotic" and considered unfit to continue on the bench.
Attendance Will Be Taken For Judges At Detroit's 36th District CourtAre the judges in?
Wayne County Offering Ticket Amnesty ProgramWayne County officials are offering a county-wide ticket amnesty program which will remain in effect through Friday, May 2, 2014.
Detroit's Beleaguered 36th District Court Making Strides Despite City's Bankruptcy"We are making life a littler easier on the lawyers, there isn't this wandering about the building trying to find their case, find the judge. Assignments are much clearer. We have simplified things in terms of jury service."
New Chief Judge Appointed For 36th District CourtThe state Supreme Court has appointed Nancy Blount as chief judge of Detroit's 36th District Court.
Judge Has Plan To Fix Troubled Detroit Court Major reforms are in the works for Detroit's 36th District Court after a recent report found the system is $4.5 million over budget and has failed to collect over $280 million in fines.
Layoffs Proposed At Troubled Detroit Court Trimming the budget at 36th District Court in Detroit could cost 80 workers their jobs.
Deadbeats? 36th District Court Owed Millions It Can't Collect "If I collected from every dead person, I don't think we'd put a number on that because those people, most often, have more than one ticket," said Chief Judge Kenneth King.