Bill Passed By Michigan Senate Would Make Coerced Abortion A CrimeThe penalty would be doubled if the accused is the father of the embryo or fetus.
Conservative Michigan Lawmaker's Wife Reveals Teen AbortionShe went public with her story after someone approached her husband vowing to disclose the information.
Hospital With Anti-Abortion Policy Wins Decision In LawsuitThe judge says any harm is "speculative."
AG Sues To Close Detroit Abortion Clinic Over Ownership: 'It's Not Run By Doctors'A website for the clinic says it offers abortions up to 24 weeks of pregnancy as well as other health services for women.
Michigan House Passes Bills To Prevent Abortion CoercionA person also couldn't threaten to cut off legally required financial support, such as financial aid or employment, if a woman decides to keep a child.
Michigan House Panel Votes To Ban Common Second-Trimester Abortion ProcedureSupporters say the procedure is gruesome and cruel.
Michigan Bills Would Ban Second-Trimester Abortion ProcedureAnti-abortion advocates say the procedure, called dilation and evacuation, is essentially the "dismemberment" of a fetus.
Jars Of Human Tissue Reportedly Found In Detroit-Area Doctor's Car; Was OB-GYN Performing Illegal Abortions?While searching his vehicle, police discovered at least a dozen jars containing what is thought to be human tissue -- fetal tissue by some reports.
Michigan House Panel OKs Bill Making It Crime To Coerce An AbortionDemocrats, who have called the bills redundant, opposed them after Republicans rejected attempts to also make it a crime to coerce a woman to stay pregnant against her will.
Protests Against Planned Parenthood Held Nationwide To 'Educate Americans About What Abortion Actually Does'Protests were held at 14 Michigan sites of Planned Parenthood, part of nationwide protests at 290 locations.
Abortion Coercion Bills Clear Michigan SenateBackers say coerced abortions are a real problem and detractors counter that they already are illegal.