Pets Of The Week: Sweet And PlayfulHis only soft spot? He just might give you a cavity, he's that sweet.
Pets Of The Week: Friends ForeverGibson is blind and Leland acts as a sort of “seeing eye dog” for her.
Humane Society To Become 'Appointment Only' For Pet TurnoversBeginning in January, anyone who wants to surrender their pet has to appear in person and explain their decision.
Pets Of The Week: Hungry For HomeIt's a great time to cuddle up at home with a furry friend, preferably one who's soft and sweet and loves to cuddle on your lap.
Pets Of The Week: Oughta Be In PicturesLucy, the 7-year-old Beagle/Shepherd mix with a huge grin, is fully grown at 56 pounds and is a very smart and active older lady.
Pets Of The Week: Smiles GaloreThere's one thing that would make them smile even bigger: A forever home!
Pets Of The Week: The Little Guys Baby Juneau, tiny Ernie, and perky Corky are all available for adoption at local Michigan Humane Society shelters.
Fighter Dons Gloves One Last Time -- For A Good CauseIn addition to raising awareness of animal cruelty, the funds will be used to support MHS’ free pit bull sterilization program, launched earlier this year, which provides local animal welfare groups and pit bull owners with certificates providing free spay or neuter surgery of pit bull-type dog.
Pets Of The Week: Gaze Into Their EyesFrom green-eyed fluff to Kara and Cleveland with the biggest brown eyes you've ever seen, they have the kind of gaze that's hard to resist.
Humane Society Offers Low-Cost MicrochippingTo help create more happy reunions, the Michigan Humane Society is holding two low-cost pet microchipping clinics open to all pet owners.
Pets Of The Week: Patiently WaitingSweet Louise has been in a MHS shelter all summer, and they're hoping this is her week to get a forever home.