The Affordable Care Act: What's In It For You?Even if you’re not enrolling in new coverage under Obamacare, the health law has some benefits that will kick in for 2014 that you may not know about.
HAP Looks To Ease Questions For Seniors Surrounding Medicare And New Health Care LawHAP vice-president of Medicare programs, Karen Wintringham says health reform did not reduce Medicare benefits.
Scammers Target Those Confused About ObamacareMore scam artists are trying to take advantage of the confusion and bickering over the federal government's new health care website.
Michigan Matters: Beaumont Health System & Healthcare RoundtableMichigan Matters Host Carol Cain looks at healthcare and the Affordable Care Act with Gene Michalski, Wm. Beaumont Hospital CEO. Then the Roundtable of Business Executive Denise Ilitch, Detroit Economic Club CEO Beth Chappell, and Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel continue the healthcare conversation.
Survey: Many Still Unsure About ObamacareSeven in 10 uninsured Americans with pre-existing conditions still haven't figured out whether they'll buy health insurance.
Get Educated About The Affordable Care ActThe website, has been reformatted to help people can learn how to get ready for open enrollment this fall.
'Health On Wheels' Program Offers Free ScreeningsWayne County's mobile program, "Health On Wheels," has four dates scheduled in May.
Snyder Eyes Mental Health Makeover, GOP SkepticalGov. Rick Snyder's plan to fill the gaps of Michigan's mental health care system might lie in his ability to convince lawmakers to expand Medicaid to provide 500,000 residents with coverage under the federal Affordable Health Care Act.
Push Back Against Republican's Desired Changes To Affordable Health Care ActOn the day that soon to be Republican presidential and vice presidential nominees Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan visit Oakland County, several organizations push back against Republican plans for health care.