Former Catholic School In Detroit Converted Into Affordable HousingTransfiguration Place Apartments in Detroit's Campau/Banglatown neighborhood features 19 units and no resident will pay more than 30% of their income in rent, according to the city.
Detroit Mayor Duggan Announces $10M Commitment To Affordable HousingDetroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced a $10 million commitment to preserve and create affordable housing in Detroit.
Whitmer Proposes $100 Million Investment For Affordable HousingGov. Gretchen Whitmer is proposing a $100 million investment for affordable housing across the state.
Whitmer: Use $100M In Rescue Funds For Affordable HousingGov. Gretchen Whitmer, on Tuesday, July 27, proposed spending $100 million in federal COVID-19 rescue funds to expand access to affordable housing.
Mayor Duggan Discusses Affordable Housing, Visits Students At Carpenter Summer CampMayor Mike Duggan is celebrating more affordable housing for the community and visits students participating in a carpenter summer camp.
Judge Greg Mathis To Build New Community Center, Affordable Housing On Detroit's WestsideDetroit's Judge Greg Mathis announces he will tear down his 20 year old community center and build a new 7,000 sq ft one in its place, also adding affordable housing. Both located on Greenfield and 7mile
Federal Grant To Help Detroit's Plan To Improve NeighborhoodThe city of Detroit has received a $30 million federal grant that will help implement a plan to bring more affordable housing to one of its older neighborhoods.
HUD Awards City Of Detroit $30 Million 'Choice Neighborhood' Grant For New Affordable Housing Development In CorktownDetroit selected for highly competitive $30M HUD grant to help bring 500 affordable housing units to Corktown area
PNC Bank Commits $7.5 Million To Create Affordable Housing In DetroitPNC Bank commits $7.5 million to help create and preserve affordable housing in Detroit through investing in the Detroit Housing for the Future Fund.
$20 Million Project To Convert Recycling Center Into Artist CommunityIt was announced that an old auto-plant-turned-recycling-center will be converted into an affordable housing community for artists through the $20 Million Dreamtroit project.
Gardner White Teams With Lighthouse To Donate Furniture To Affordable Housing Community CenterGardner- White donates all the furinture to the community center for the newly constructed Coolidge Place affordable housing complex.