Although COVID-19 Rare In Cats & Dogs, Pharmaceutical Company Says, They’re Ready With A Vaccine If NeededIf or when cats and dogs need COVID vaccine, Zoetis pharmaceutical company is ready to provide. At this time the virus is rare in pets.
Police Remove 24 Dogs From 'Deplorable Conditions' In Michigan HomeCarrollton Township Police removed 24 dogs from a home where they believe the owner was illegally breeding.
Face Recognition Isn't Just For Humans — It's Learning To Identify Bears And Cows, TooIt's hard for the average person to tell Dani, Lenore, and Bella apart: They all sport fashionably fuzzy brown coats and enjoy a lot of the same activities, like playing in icy-cold water and, occasionally, ripping apart a freshly caught fish.
'Wild Lights' At The Detroit Zoo Returns Next WeekThe Detroit Zoo will be aglow for 32 magical nights with more than five million LED lights illuminating trees, buildings and over 280 sculptures throughout the front half of the Zoo.
Shelter Program Allows Volunteers To Temporarily Foster DogsThere are currently over 80 dogs at the Friends of Detroit Animal Care and Control center, hoping to be adopted.
Detroit Zoo Reopens Today For Members: Here's What To KnowThe Detroit Zoo reopens for members today. Here's everything you need to know.
'Fred' The Mini Service Horse Takes First Successful FlightFred's handler wants people to see how well the trip went, especially with talks of stricter regulations from the department of transportation on which species of animals can fly.
Southwest Airlines: Only Cats And Dogs Allowed As Emotional Support AnimalsPassengers will be allowed to bring only cats and dogs on board as emotional support animals beginning in September, and only one per customer. The animals must be on a leash or in a carrier at all times.
Obese Tourists Crippling Donkeys On Greek Island, Activists ClaimActivists with "Help the Santorini Donkeys" told multiple news outlets in the United Kingdom that overweight tourists are crippling donkeys.
Alligators At The Beach? Scientists Say Get Used To Predators Invading Odd PlacesAlligators on a beach? Killer whales in a river? Mountain lions in the open plains? It may sound like a mismatch, but a new study is warning that humans should get used to seeing more large predators in unexpected places.
Rabies Confirmed in Skunk from Rochester HillsThe Oakland County Health Division has reported a confirmed case of rabies in a skunk removed from Rochester Hills.