Jessica Simpson Opens Up About Her Anxiety, Abuse And Addiction That Almost Ended It AllToday, popstar royalty Jessica Simpson opens up to Dr. Oz about the years of addiction, sexual abuse, and family secrets she’s hidden from the world her entire life.  
Cooking Spray Investigation: Cooking Spray Explosions Caught On Tape!Today, we reveal videos of cooking spray explosions that are sending shockwaves across the country.  These sprays are fast and convenient in the kitchen, but are you making mistakes when using them that could put you in danger? 
STUDY: Air Pollution Is Linked To Anxiety, Suicidal Thoughts In ChildrenAir pollution may be associated with increased mental health disorders like anxiety and depression in children, a study has found.
UM Student Files Discrimination Complaint After Being Kicked Off Spirit FlightNadia Majed says she was diagnosed with claustrophobia and anxiety, and asked for an apparently open window seat when she got into a dispute with a flight attendant.
Suffering From Nomophobia? Maybe You're Just A Phubber!Everything from poor posture to mental distress, experts say our addiction to technology is responsible for a laundry list of mental and physical ailments.
How to Ease Your Child's AnxietiesIf you’re a parent, you want your kids to have a worry-free childhood because you know there will be plenty of time for that when they reach adulthood. For those times when we can’t stop it, we need to help children manage it.
Local Dr. Hosts Back-To-School Live Facebook ChatBattling back-to-school worries? Take a deep breath and take out your calendar. Join a back-to-school live chat on Facebook presented by Learning Care Group on Wednesday, Aug. 31.
Workshops Address Controlling Anxiety, Panic Without Medication From Friday, May 20 through Sunday, May 22, the Wellness Training Institute in Sterling Heights will present "When Stress Turns to Panic: Controlling Your Symptoms Without Drugs."