Study Explores Asian Carp Effects On Lake ErieThe analysis concluded the nutrient-rich lake might have enough food to go around even if voracious silver and bighead carp eventually develop as big a presence there as native species.
State Leaders Join Forces To Combat Asian Carp, Other Invasive SpeciesThe governors of eight states surrounding the Great Lakes and the leaders of two Canadian provinces agreed today, to join forces to combat invasive species including Asian carp.
Study: Few Asian Carp Needed To Establish FootholdCanadian scientists say a small number of Asian carp might be enough to establish a population in the Great Lakes.
PBS Turns To Wayne State Prof As Asian Carp ExpertWhen the producers of PBS series “Constitution USA” were fishing for an expert to help them with the legal issues snarled around the invasion of Asian carp, they reeled in Wayne State University Law School Associate Professor of Law Noah Hall.
Report: Asian Carp May Have Reached Great LakesOfficials say some Asian carp probably have found their way into the Great Lakes, but there's still time to stop the dreaded invaders from becoming established and unraveling food chains that support a $7 billion fishing industry and sensitive ecosystems.
Study Raises New Concerns Over Asian CarpSeveral varieties of Asian carp have infested the Mississippi River and many of its tributaries.
Man Gets 5 Months In Jail For Selling Asian CarpAn Arkansas man has been sentenced to jail and fined for selling live Asian carp in Michigan.
Asian Carp DNA Found In Chicago River ChannelMore DNA from Asian carp has been found in Chicago-area waters, and officials say an intensive search for the unwelcome fish will take place next week.
EPA Funds Projects To Battle Invasive Species In Great LakesThe United States Environmental Protection Agency Tuesday announced 21 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grants totaling nearly $8 million for projects to combat invasive species in the Great Lakes basin, including the much-feared Asian carp.
Asian Carp DNA Detected In Lake Erie's Maumee BayOfficials say Asian carp DNA has been found in three water samples collected from Lake Erie's Maumee Bay
Asian Carp Search Moves To Ohio's Sandusky RiverCrews from Ohio and Michigan checked the river north of Fremont on Tuesday with nets and electro shocking gear.
Study Finds No High-Risk Pathways For Asian CarpA federal study of 18 potential aquatic links between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River watersheds says none of them are likely pathways to the lakes for Asian carp.
Officials To Test For Asian Carp At Bait ShopsOfficials plan to expand efforts to test for Asian carp in the Lake Erie basin to bait shops.
Search Finds No Asian Carp In Western Lake ErieNo invasive bighead or silver carp turned up during a search of western Lake Erie, where the fish's genetic fingerprints were detected in water samples taken a year ago, officials said Thursday.
Crews To Search Western Lake Erie For Asian CarpScientists have begun searching two of western Lake Erie's bays and tributary rivers for signs of dreaded Asian carp.