Gov. Snyder Signs Law Allowing Drivers To Show Proof Of Insurance On Phone“Modernizing government and making everyday life easier for residents is a primary goal,” Snyder said.
Bill OK'd To Let Michigan Drivers Show Police Insurance On PhoneDrivers pulled over by the police in Michigan will be able to show proof of their auto insurance on a phone or another mobile device.
What's The Holdup With D-Insurance? Mayor Says Half Of Detroit Drivers Still Driving Dirty"...We're forcing them to drive as criminals," Mayor Mike Duggan said.
Duggan On Detroit Auto Insurance Rates: 'If You Don't Like My Plan, Tell Me What You're Going To Do?'The key to Duggan's D-Insurance plan is to allow Detroiters the option to have less medical coverage.
Mayor's Plan To Lower Car Insurance Cost Could Save Detroit Residents $1,000 A YearMayor Mike Duggan said the high price of insurance must be addressed to lure and keep people in Detroit.
Auto Insurance Bills Requiring $100 Premium Cut Move Ahead To Michigan HouseAuto insurance legislation advancing in Michigan's GOP-controlled Legislature has been changed to require a $100 cut in premiums initially.
Senate OKs Auto Insurance Bills Amid Debate Over Cost LimitsWhile the bills don't mandate reduced rates, insurers say they would drop in the free market to coincide with unspecified corresponding cost savings.
Uber, Lyft Bump Into Roadblock On Ridesharing BillMost legislative resistance to ridesharing appears to be less about the service and more about the finer points.
Survey: Detroit Has Most Expensive Auto Insurance Rates In NationIn the metro Detroit area, drivers pay a whopping 165 percent more than the national average for car insurance.
Going Naked: How Uninsured Drivers Are Costing All Of Us Money And Putting Many Of Us At Risk [BLOG]Michigan is 7th in the nation when it comes to uninsured drivers according to the most recent study done in 2011.
Detroit's Mayor Proposes City-Owned Auto Insurance CompanyThe plan to start a Detroit auto insurance company is grand, but not without its hurdles... though one lawmaker says it's long overdue.