Clock Ticking For Winner Of 'Cash For Life' Lottery AuctionAn unusual auction in Michigan will turn the top bidder into an instant lottery winner on Thursday.
'Cash For Life' Michigan Lottery Ticket Up For Bids In Online AuctionThe winner will receive $1,000 a month as long as the ticket's original owner lives.
Former US Rep Kerry Bentivolio Files For BankruptcyThe filing came after the ex-representative failed to reach a settlement in a lawsuit by the manager of his 2012 campaign.
RadioShack Announces Michigan Store ClosingsRadioShack has announced the Metro Detroit stores that will be closing as the retail chain enters bankruptcy.
Treetops Resort Seeking Bankruptcy ReorganizationThe resort says in a statement that it "fully expects to continue normal operations throughout this process."
Detroit A City On The Road To Recovery, RespectDetroit's long-term fiscal recovery plan was approved Friday by a bankruptcy judge and calls for $1.7 billion to remove blight and fix city services over the next 10 years.
Timeline Of Detroit's Financial CrisisJudge Steven Rhodes approved Detroit's plan to get out of bankruptcy, ending the largest public filing in U.S. history on Friday. Here's a look at the events leading up to that decision.
Detroit Bankruptcy Judge Says Court Filing Went Too FarJudge Steven Rhodes said he's striking portions of a court filing by Syncora, a bond insurer that could lose millions of dollars in a trial that starts next week.
Players In City's Bankruptcy Take Tour Of Detroit's Rejuvenated And Blighted AreasThe tour, which was said to take just over three hours, covering 58 miles of a variety of the city's areas, came ahead of bankruptcy confirmation hearings.
Detroit Bankruptcy Judge Opens Court To Critics A judge overseeing Detroit's bankruptcy is getting an earful from retirees who are opposed to the city's plan to get back on its feet.
After Detroit, Flint Ponders BankruptcyFlint, too, also has suffered a spectacular drop in population and factory jobs and a corresponding rise in property abandonment.
Detroit Pensioners On The Clock To Decide Fate Of 'Grand Bargain'Thousands of Detroit retirees and city employees must have their ballots on the city's plan of adjustment in the bankruptcy case turned in this week.
Consultants Propose Raising Detroit Parking Fines, Pursuing Ticketed More AggressivelyExperts are looking at ways for the cash strapped city to raise money have suggested increasing fines, and going after parking deadbeats.
Kevyn Orr Plans Next Steps Now That Detroit Is Officially Bankrupt"I want to say to everyone whose a resident of the city, no one is more aware of the hardship that this is going to cause to a number of different people than me," Kevyn Orr said.
Judge Rules Detroit Eligible For Bankruptcy, Says Pensions Can Be CutFederal Judge Steven Rhodes has ruled that, under law, pensions can be cut in Detroit's bankruptcy.