Wheaties Will Now Make Beer Called HefeWheatiesGeneral Mills who makes the cereal has said the beer will not contain the cereal, but it does represent the Wheaties brand.
Bottoms Up! Schoolcraft College Offers Classes On Brewing, DistillationA college is metro Detroit is teaching students how to make beer.
Funny Michigan Beer Names From The 2015 Summer Beer Festival In YpsilantiHere's a few of my favorite funny Michigan beer names featured at the 2015 Summer Beer Festival set for Friday and Saturday July 24 and 25 in Ypsilanti, Michigan.
Michigan Road Sign Advising To 'Drink More Beer' Sells For $600 An auction company has sold an electronic road sign that was drawing eyes for its beer-centric slogan.
Truck Hauling 303 Kegs Of Beer Tips Over; No SpillsIt happened Friday morning in Bay County's Monitor Township.
Sorry, Baby: Michigan-Made Beer Is Illegal In New HampshireAt issue is the label on Breakfast Stout, crafted by Founders Brewery Co., which depicts a chubby, Norman Rockwell-esque baby.
Woman Spills Beer On Couple's Head During Kiss Cam [VIDEO]Do you think this is just a stunt?
Michigan Regulators Ordered Back To Court On Controversial Beer LabelThe brewery claims its First Amendment rights were violated when the Liquor Control Commission rejected an ale with a name that's offensive to some people.
TGF: The Best Of Tailgate Fan FoodTailgate Fan looks at the best tailgating foods, course by course. Dig in, and drink up.
Belly Up, Baby! Michigan-Made Beer Considered Contraband In New HampshireBabies and bottles normally get along just fine, unless a picture of that baby happens to be plastered to the front of a bottle of beer.
10 Beers To Try At Your Next Football Watch PartyNothing goes better with football than an ice cold beer. Chad Polenz, author of The Handbook Of Porter's & Stouts, has 10 beers to try at your next watch party.
Seattle Seahawks Busted For Selling Watered Down Beer [VIDEO]Have you ever assumed you were drinking watered down beer?
Man Teaches Dog To Fetch Him A Beer [VIDEO]"Bandit, I'm parched!"
Central Michigan University Launches Beer-Making ProgramThe undergraduate program is specifically aimed at providing a "hands-on education focused on craft beer."
Report: Michigan 10th In Country With Nearly 70,000 Beer-Related JobsA report showed the state's overall beer sector generates more than 64,000 jobs, with nearly 5,000 in the distributing sector, putting Michigan at 10th in the nation regarding beer-related jobs.