Betsy DeVos Met By Protesters At Harvard UniversitySome held up fists. One held up a sign reading, "White supremacist."
19 AGs Sue Betsy DeVos For Delaying For-Profit College RulesThe rules aim to make schools financially responsible for fraud.
Trump, DeVos Embolden Supporters Of School VouchersEmboldened by the new White House administration, the money man behind Utah's ambitious voucher proposal that was crushed by voters a decade ago says there is a renewed appetite to expand school choice in the state.
Pro-Trump Students Suspended For Disruption At SchoolBetsy DeVos, Trump's head of the U.S. Education Department, and her family have been major financial supporters of Grand Rapids Christian Schools.
Trump, DeVos Visit Private School To Promote School ChoiceTeachers' unions were quick to criticize the visit, saying it shows Trump's hostility toward public schools and his intention to turn education into a profit-making industry.
Education Secretary DeVos To Speak At Magnet School ForumDeVos is staunch advocate of school choice, and organizers hope her presence at the forum will attract attention...and money.
Social Media Mocks Education Department For Series Of Misspelled TweetsThe Education Department is getting social media criticism after misspelling the name of a prominent African-American sociologist — and then mistyping again when apologizing for the error.
Betsy DeVos Met By Protesters At First Public School Visit [VIDEO]DeVos, 59, is a billionaire Republican donor who spent more than two decades promoting charter schools and school voucher programs in her home state of Michigan and other states.
DeVos' First Assignment: Mend Fences With Education FoesMany remain to be convinced.
Senate Confirms Betsy DeVos For Education DepartmentThe Senate historian says it was the first time a vice president had to break a tie on a Cabinet nomination.
DeVos Nomination At Risk As 2 GOP Senators Say They'll Vote 'No'"I think that the games that are being played with Betsy DeVos are sad," White House Spokesman Sean Spicer said.