BraveSoft: Database administration, business intelligence made easyDatabases are everywhere, running everything. And BraveSoft of Ann Arbor is there to help you run and support your enterprise databases. "If you drive down the highway, every business you see has a database," said BraveSoft president Tom Wood. "In many cases, the database is the key to the existence of the business." And those databases are run by people known as database administrators, or DBAs. BraveSoft’s core business is providing remote database administration services – complementing a company’s staff of DBAs, or in most cases, taking over for them completely. Wood said BraveSoft’s DBA services work around the clock, and the company invests in the latest monitoring software, expert technical staff, and cloud solutions. The company’s staff of 42 employees is 100 percent U.S.-based. Wood said BraveSoft opted to expand to downtown Ann Arbor rather than elsewhere because of the area’s great IT talent pool. BraveSoft also provides business intelligence consulting – the management and analysis of that Big Data that a lot of companies are generating these days. Wood said that too often, too many companies are still managing financial and performance information on Excel spreadsheets. That makes it hard to see the bigger picture of the entire enterprise. Wood said BraveSoft helps “break down the silos of information” and help management see the whole picture with a proven BI methodology. “We analyze marketing data, financial data, manufacturing data, even social media sentiment analysis,” Wood said. The company's fastest growing services are business intelligence systems that make sense of the huge volumes of financial and operations data most enterprises generate, along with database support managed services. BraveSoft also moved from Ann Arbor’s outskirts to a downtown location at 301 E. Liberty St. for what Wood called “a cool location” that offered plenty to do within walking distance. That’s important to the young university talent the company is hiring. "We deliver predictable services at a predictable cost for our remote DBA managed services," Wood said. "For our BI service, we have successfully deployed our services for a wide range of industries with affordable and effective solutions, allowing our clients to accomplish their specific business performance goals. We have a higher concentration on compliance and security than our competitors." BraveSoft also has several job openings. The company is looking for business intelligence data architects, data scientists, skilled database administrators and programmers with experience in big data analytics and predictive analytics. BraveSoft serves clients in a variety of industries, from financial services to health care to manufacturing. Client revenue ranges from $5 million a year to several billion dollars a year. For more information on how BraveSoft’s services can work for you, visit
Ford Says 'Big Data' Makes It More Nimble, More GreenNot too far from where factory workers assemble Ford cars and trucks, analytics experts in the company's Research and Innovation Center are building something entirely different but what Ford considers equally important: complex mathematical models to help Ford sharpen its competitive edge while limiting its environmental impact.
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CIMdata Publishes Research on PLM and Big DataCIMdata Inc., the Ann Arbor product lifecycle management consulting and research firm, Tuesday announced the publication of a white paper, "Product Lifecycle Management and the Data Deluge," that reports on new research on PLM and “Big Data,” a phrase used to describe data sets so large and complex that they cannot be readily analyzed using traditional database techniques.
Oracle Chair Says Big Data, Analytics Bringing Big Changes To BusinessThe convergence of Big Data, cheap storage and computing power is letting people do increasingly extraordinary things with IT, Oracle Corp. chairman Jeff Henley told an audience of about 200 at a Detroit Economic Club luncheon Wednesday.
Altair Introduces Display Manager for Remote Visualization of Big DataTroy-based Altair Engineering Inc. Wednesday unveiled Display Manager, a new portal for the remote visualization of extremely large models developed from so-called "big data" resources.
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