Legislature Sends Whitmer Bill To Lift Ban On Deer BaitingMichigan’s Republican-led Legislature has given final approval to a bill that would lift a state ban on using bait to hunt deer, but it faces a veto from Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.
Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist Signs First Bill As Acting GovernorLieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist, in his role as acting governor, signed House Bill 4044 on Thursday which passed with strong bipartisan support.
Customers Leave Without Paying $690 Bill At Troy SteakhouseA party of six left Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Troy without paying their bill after a fight in the restaurant.
Michigan Bill Would Curb Pre-Approval Rules In Health CareFed-up doctors and health advocates want Michigan lawmakers to curb insurers' cost-control methods they say are delaying care, frustrating patients, and creating unnecessary red tape and expense for providers.
Bill To Ban Doctors From Prescribing Abortion-Inducing Drugs Remotely Sent To Gov. SnyderA bill that would permanently ban doctors from prescribing abortion-inducing drugs has been sent to Gov. Rick Snyder's desk. 
Michigan House Approves Online Gambling BillLawmakers voted 68-40 Tuesday night for two main bills to create a Lawful Internet Gaming Act that would regulate online versions of licensed casino games.
Michigan to Give Sexual Abuse Victims More Time to SueMichigan Gov. Rick Snyder is expected to sign into law bills inspired by the Larry Nassar scandal.
Right-to-Try Bill Passes CongressCongress passed legislation that could give terminally ill patients a way to independently seek drugs that are still experimental and not fully approved.
House Approves Bill Allowing Parental EavesdroppingLANSING (AP) — Michigan's House wants to give parents free reign in listening to their children's conversations. In a 105-3 vote, lawmakers passed the bill that adds parental exemptions to Michigan's eavesdropping prohibition. Eavesdropping is defined as overhearing, recording, amplifying or transmitting conversations intended to be private
Washington Redskins Stick Rookie With $22,000 Dinner Bill [PHOTO]Being a rookie in the NFL has it perks but apparently it has its downfalls as well.
George The Animal Steele Throws Out A First Pitch