State Bill Aims To Protect Facebook PrivacyA bill making its way through the Michigan legislator would keep employers or schools from requiring you to reveal the password to your Facebook account.
The Death Calculator
Bill Introduced In Lansing Would Ban 'Spice,' K2 A Michigan lawmaker says he has a plan to ban the leading brands of synthetic marijuana.
State Rep To Introduce New Food And Safety BillA State Representative is planning to introduce a bill that involves using liquor licenses as leverage.
Bill's Blog: What's Old Is New Again
Bill Would Restrict Political Activities Of State WorkersA bill that would limit the political activities of public employees and unions is making its way through the state legislature.
If Only Kim Kardashian Could Go Back In Time
New Law To Set Public Worker Health Care CapLawmakers have approved a plan to force local governments and school districts to cap health care spending or risk losing state aid.
Bill's Blog: Day Versus Night GamesSure, the debt is outta control, the stock market seems to be spiraling and the global economy is in deep trouble.
Report: Obama Signs Bill To End FAA ShutdownAccording to a source speaking to the Associated Press, President Barack Obama has signed a Senate bill that will end a partial shutdown of the FAA.
Michigan Senate Votes To Limit Welfare BenefitsA measure that would cut off Michigan welfare recipients is on its way to the governor's desk.
Proposed Bill Would Ban Pit Bulls In MichiganLegislation that would eventually ban pit bulls in Michigan is stirring up some heated debate.
Bill's Blog: Caution - Professionals At Work You know how the extra scenes and outtakes from a DVD are sometimes better than the actual movie?
Bill's Blog: Who Would Dump Bar Rafaeli?For whatever reason, Leonardo Di Caprio has broken up with model Bar Rafaeli...again. Can't say that his rebound girl, actress Blake Lively isn't so bad. But she's no Bar Rafaeli.
Bill's Blog: The Nerve! As we're maxin' and relaxin' in our office, someone in The Bullpen yells, "Hey Stoney, some guy set his coffee down on your car while he's on his cell phone.