The 24 Blog – 4 PM – 5 PM“Jack wants her. Jack needs her. Jack gets her.” James Heller, 2014
Eric Thomas: California Shooter Wasn't Misogynist, It's Much Deeper Than ThatMass shootings have become so common that they’re barely worth mentioning anymore, itself a sad commentary on the state of things.
Was The Lions 2014 Draft Millen-esque? [BLOG]I hope I’m wrong, but the Lions’ offseason so far has been a disaster, and the time that’s past since the seventh round of the draft hasn’t salved that sinking feeling.
Leach's Lists: DTM's Final Detroit Lions Top 3 Draft Options At No. 10It is no secret that the Lions need help in the secondary, have to find a LB who can be impactful, and in what many feel is possibly the deepest WR draft ever, have to find an impact wideout.
Do These Things Really Work? Scott Lewis Puts a Polygraph to the TestHe told me that all I had to do was tell the truth and I would pass the test.
Blog: Stoney Gives Joe Dumars Final Grade My overall grade is a .... and that's ONLY because I value a championship more than anything else.
Dan Hasty: Making Sense of Miggy's DealIt's a lot of money, but someone was going to pay it. Be happy it was the Tigers.
What Is The Greatest Championship Team In Detroit History?What is the greatest championship team in Detroit history?
DTM's Bagels And Lox Super Bowl 48 EditionWell, we learned a bunch of things as the final gun sounded in the crisp clean air of Seattle and the Super Bowl 48 match-up became set two weeks ago.
Leach's List's: DTM's Instant Super Bowl XLVIII Preview And Prediction Ohhhhh boy!! We'll we learned a bunch of things as the final gun sounded in the crisp clean air of Seattle and the Super Bowl 48 match-up became set.
Eric Thomas: Can The Lions' Defensive Line Stay Dominant?The Lions are now firmly in control. They’ll likely win the division. If they can keep the heat up on the defensive line, they could win a playoff game.
Leach's Lists: DTM'S Bagels And Lox Week 9 NFLAs the NFL season heats up so does the DTM Prediction machine, which will be here for you each and every week to help you win your pick-em-pool, embarrass your friends, and just become a more whole football fan and human being.
A Conversation With New Pistons Head Coach Mo CheeksThe 2013-14 Pistons met with the media on Tuesday as a hungry franchise and hungry fanbase gets ready for a brand new NBA Season.
Leach's Lists: A Conversation With Kentavious Caldwell-PopeOn NBA Draft night when 2013 Detroit Pistons first round pick Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's name was called, there were many Pistons fans that were not very happy.
Leach's Lists: Top 4 Detroit Tigers Closer TargetsThe Tigers are going to need to find an established closer for this season if they want to win the World Series.