Jeff Riger: Lions Signing Orlovsky For Back-Up QB Is DisappointingThey should have drafted a guy that they targeted and could develop. A player, that could eventually challenge Stafford for playing time if he struggles.
DTM's Instant Reaction: Greatest Tourney Game Finish Ever?Where does this game and finish rank in NCAA tourney lore for you?
Leach's Lists: 2014 NCAA Bracket To Win Your Office Pool And Impress Your FriendsThe madness has officially begun! Just watch the NCAA Tournament promo and tell me you are not unbelievably fired up for one of the greatest times of the year to be a sports fan.
Scott Lewis: Voilá! New LED Freeway Lights Darkened By Copper Thieves Are Back OnLess than two weeks after my report detailing how copper thieves had sabotaged a $3.2 million dollar LED lighting project on I-94, most of the lights are already back on.
Leach's Lists: 86th Academy Awards Preview And Prediction Festival Oscar Sunday is always one of my favorite nights of the year and has become an annual rite of passage!
Jeff Riger: Lions Fans Should Be Jealous of the Cleveland Browns TodayI'm actually extremely jealous of the Browns today because they have yet to hire a head coach, a position I wish the Lions were still in.
DTM's Bagels And Lox: NFL Championship Sunday EditionThis is where it gets serious as Conference Championship Sunday comes straight at ya. Who will make it the first cold weather outdoor Super Bowl at the new Met-O-Lands on February 2.
What Can The Lions Learn This Weekend? PicksWhat can the Detroit Lions learn this weekend by watching the four divisional games? Don't turn the ball over, get strong quarterback play and have the ability to run the football.
Leach's Lists: 2014 NFL Playoffs - Who Will Win The Super Bowl? Odds And ValueWe have already had a rousing start to the 2014 NFL Playoffs where it seemed like an upset when the home team actually won in Indy,
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Leach's Lists: 2014 NFL Playoffs - Who Will Win The AFC? Odds And ValueMany Detroit Lions fans hearts are broken, but there is still football to be played and there is no better cure for a football hangover, than more football.