Detroit Students Campaign To Save World-Famous Music Program From Budget CutsWith kids set to return to class in just over a week, budget cuts could pull the plug on music and arts at a Detroit high school that is world-famous for its performing arts program.
Secondary Job Program Allows Cops 'Double Duty'You may start seeing more police on the streets of Detroit because they're working double duty.
Criminals Sympathizing With Plight Of Detroit CopsColeman says when some of the criminals saw them take a pay cut they were in shock.
Wayne County Executive Says Prosecutor's Office Has Decreased Workload, Increased Budget Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has made it no secret that she thinks County Exec Bob Ficano needs to do more to help her office.
Did The Privatization Of Food Service In Michigan Prisons Contribute To Prison Break?Senator Glenn Anderson says scaling back perimeter patrols was "foolish" -- security is weaker because food services have been privatized.
Consultant Recommends Part-Time Detroit City Council, Cutting Staff Restructuring consultant Conway McKenzie is recommending a part-time Detroit city council, and cutting 78 of the 115 staff members on council.
Prosecutor Sues County In Fight To Stop Criminals From Going FreeWorthy first filed suit against the county to stop a proposed budget cut that would affect her ability prosecute cases.
Kym Worthy: Warrants On Hold Due To Budget Cuts The Wayne County Prosecutor says her office is no longer able to handle its caseload -- after recent layoffs of dozens of prosecutors.
Ficano: Prosecutor's Office Cuts NecessaryFinal arguments will be made Friday as Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy challenges $7 million in proposed budget cuts.
Police Chief: Officers Showing Maturity Through Tough TimesA day after the city announced plans to make wage and benefit cuts, Detroit's Police Chief is sending a message to officers.
Detroit Fire, Police Departments Suffer Deep CutsA city plagued by arson fires now has fewer engines on the streets and police officers on patrol.