Lengthy Budget Impasse Taking Toll On Services In MichiganWhen $525,000 in state funding was cut from a popular school truancy program she runs to help students in rural northeastern Michigan, Dorothy Pintar held off as long as possible on reducing staff.
GOP Leaders, Whitmer Eye Potential End To Budget Impasse
GOP Leaders Want Whitmer To Weaken Her Budget PowersRepublicans who control Michigan's Legislature say the state budget will not be resolved until Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer agrees to restrict her unilateral power to shift money within departments.
Whitmer Convenes Board To Make Budget Moves After Her VetoesA state board controlled by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is poised to meet to make budget moves after she vetoed nearly $1 billion in spending proposed by the Republican-led Legislature.
Whitmer, GOP Leaders Will Proceed On Budget Without Road FixA state budget will proceed without including a long-term funding plan to fix deteriorating roads. 
Michigan House Budget Bars Spending On New Bridge Between Detroit, CanadaSpending money on a new bridge between Detroit and Canada may be prohibited by Republicans who control the Michigan House.
New Education Budget Could Mean School Closures Last fall, Melissa Wriggelsworth said she spent some of her own paycheck to purchase binders for all 18 of her students.
Snyder Education Budget Grants $17 Billion to SchoolsGov. Rick Snyder has signed a $16.8 billion education budget that includes a sizable increase in base aid for lower-funded K-12 districts in Michigan.
Michigan Gets $1.25M From Feds to Upgrade Shooting RangesA federal agency has approved $1.25 million in funding to help Michigan improve its shooting ranges.
Take Hidden Costs Into Account When Budgeting For Your BusinessA budget is one of the most powerful financial management tools you can use to meet unplanned expenses, track revenues and monitor spending.
Snyder's Spending Plan Includes $50 Million For Flint Water CrisisGov. Rick Snyder on Wednesday proposed a $56 billion state budget that would include modest spending boosts for education, increased savings and directing nearly $50 million more toward Flint's lead-tainted water crisis.