GVSU Boosts Tuition 3.6%The Grand Valley State University Board of Trustees last week adopted the university's fiscal year 2014 budget and set tuition rates for the coming academic year. The action, which is in compliance with the state’s tuition cap, keeps Grand Valley’s tuition in the lower half of all Michigan universities.
From Roads To Schools, Michigan Budget Touches YouThe Republican-crafted spending plan affects many corners of Michigan life -- from how much it will cost to hunt and fish, to fixing deteriorating roads, to lengthening the school year.
Snyder Signs $49B Budget With Few Line-Item VetoesGov. Rick Snyder signed a nearly $49 billion state budget on Thursday that sets aside more money for fixing deteriorating roads and providing preschool to low-income children.
Mich. Legislature Finishes Approving $49B BudgetThe $48.7 billion state budget is notable not just for what's in it but also for what didn't make the cut -- Snyder's proposed $2.5 billion in new spending for road repairs and health insurance for low-income adults.
Gov. Snyder, GOP Lawmakers Agree To Budget TargetsLawmakers have an extra $700 million to use in finalizing a roughly $49 billion spending plan thanks to better-than-expected tax collections.
Mich. Projected To Get $542M More Than ExpectedMichigan could take in $542 million more in revenue than projected four months ago - good news as lawmakers and Gov. Rick Snyder work to finalize a state budget in coming weeks.
Michigan Tech Board of Control Approves Budget, Tuition RatesMichigan Technological University's board approved a balanced $172.5 million budget and tuition hikes of 2.9 percent for in-state undergrads.
Michigan Legislature Starts Passing Budget PlansMichigan lawmakers are taking significant steps toward passing the next state budget, expected to total about $48 billion.
Community Responds To Firefighters' Plea For SuppliesA group of Detroit Firefighters are thanking the community Sunday morning, after making an urgent plea for latex gloves over the weekend.
Detroit Mayor Presents $1B Budget To City CouncilBing presented the city's 2013-14 budget to the City Council, a plan that includes a $4 million reduction for that nine-member body.
Gov. Snyder Wants More State Police TroopersGov. Rick Snyder is calling for additional state funding to put more Michigan State Police troopers on the streets.
Gov. Rick Snyder's 2014 Budget ProposalThe following was provided by the governor's office:
Michigan Officials Meet To Project Size Of BudgetMichigan officials have an idea of how much money is available for the next state budget.
Michigan Faces Economic Uncertainty With Fiscal Cliff Deal DelayedLawmakers on Capitol Hill face a Monday night deadline to reach a budget agreement before steep tax increases and spending cuts begin to take effect Jan. 1.
State Legislators Tackle Public Education BudgetState legislators met with school officials in Lansing to discuss budget issues and divert the idea of emergency financial managers.