Census 2020: What You Need To KnowThe Census Bureau says forms will start arriving in the mail Friday.
Here's Why Detroit Tops The List Of Hard-To-Count Cities Ahead Of 2020 CensusWhen the U.S. Census Bureau starts counting people next year in Detroit, obstacles are bound to arise: The city has tens of thousands of vacant houses, sparse internet access and high poverty — factors that will make it the toughest community to tally.
U.S. Census Bureau Hiring For 2020 Census; Jobs Pay $15-$24.5The United States Census Bureau is hiring for the upcoming 2020 Census, offering residents a chance to earn extra income while helping their community. The pay ranges from $15 - $24.50 per hour, and potential jobs include both field and office positions.
How The Government Is Using Siri And Alexa To Stop The Spread Of Census MisinformationAs the United States government gears up for its 2020 census, it's working closely with large tech companies to get ahead of potential malicious campaigns looking to exploit their platforms to deter people, including minorities, from taking part in the once-a-decade event. The Census Bureau is going so far as to consider how voice assistants, such as Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa, could be used to spread misinformation.
Whitmer Signs Executive Order To Encourage Accurate Census CountGovernor Gretchen Whitmer signed an executive order aimed at encouraging an accurate census in Michigan next year.
New Estimates Show Detroit Population Continues To Decline; Lowest Since 1850It's a first in this lifetime -- Detroit has been knocked off the list of the nation's 20 most populous cities.
Census: Grand Rapids Metro Area Fastest Growing In MichiganThe Grand Rapids area includes Barry, Kent, Montcalm and Ottawa counties.
Michigan U.S. Senators Back 'Middle East-North Africa' Category On Next CensusThe U.S. Census Bureau said last month that it would test the change by holding focus groups if it got enough positive feedback from the public.
US Mulls Middle East-North Africa Category For 2020 CensusThe federal government is considering allowing those of Middle Eastern and North African descent to identify as such on the next 10-year census.
Census Figures Show Michigan Incomes Rose A Bit In 2013"We've got more jobs but they aren't necessarily as well-paid as they were before..."
Census Figures Show Michigan's Aging Population The U.S. Census Bureau says the population of Michigan continues to get older as a whole at a faster rate than some other states.