McDonalds Introduces New 'Frork' To Sop Up Spilled CondimentsNow there's an otherwise useless, ludicrous utility device you can use to make that simple operation even more simple.
Jim Harbaugh Channels Russell Crowe From Gladiator Movie [VIDEO]We guess he came there to eat pizza and quote "Gladiator," and he had just run out of pizza.
Neighbors Pitch In Thousands Of Dollars Of Their Own Money To Enhance Safety At Local Gas Station"When you see people hanging out outside the gas station, you don't know if they're there for good or for bad."
Shelter Volunteer Accidentally Attends Furry Convention Thinking It's A Pet EventShe kept a sense of humor about the experience.
Video Appears To Show Animals Being Tossed Into Park Dumpster By Eastpointe Animal Control"That's also not healthy for people around that park! especially once it gets to 80 plus degrees... the smell, bugs and who knows will be attracted to the animals!"
United Airlines' New 'Motto' Mocked By Twitter UsersIf you can't beat 'em, join them.
Did Sheahan Score? Yes He Did. And It Was EpicThe joke ended in the most dramatic movie-of-the-week style Sunday night
MSU Student Creates Hilarious Dating 'Resume,' Citing Small Talk, Crying During 'Marley & Me'He wrote that his work experience was as a "lubricants consultant (not a euphemism) , and ranked his skills in rollerblading, crying during Marley &Me, acting like a dad in public and replying to long texts.
Potholes Stuffed With Trash Spotted By Detroit Camera CrusaderHe says he's going to start patrolling his neighborhood for trash offenders with a drone.
Monday's Messy Commute Could Be Just A Taste Of What's To Come"It will be snow covered and when you throw into that the afternoon rush, it will probably be pretty messy," Bryson said.
Cops Say Danielle Stislicki Investigation Is Very Active And 'Going In The Right Direction'"If there' s a picture out there that we're just waiting for the lab evidence, that's not true ...The investigation is ongoing. There's all kinds of activity taking place," Nebus said.
Legal Experts: Divorce Inquiries Spike At Valentine's Day"By the time you get to Valentine's Day it's the last straw," said Jon Midtgard, co-owner of the metro Detroit ADAM office, divorce attorneys for men.
Teachers Caught Playing 'Marry, Shag, Kill' Game Allegedly Featuring Students [VIDEO]On the parent's Facebook thread, one writes that her son is a high school freshman and is the student of three of the teachers.
Tossed Out Like Trash, Abandoned Dog Sleeps On Former Owner's Recliner On The Curb"He was just waiting for his family to come back," Looby said. "He got up on that chair and stayed out of the snow. It was very heartbreaking."
Suspected Prostitute Busted After Demanding $50 And Nachos From Undercover Cop"He was telling me when they did meet, naturally they have to banter and she asked three or four times where her nachos were," Cardelein said.