Millennials Choose Detroit, Boosting It To 3rd In Job Growth"(They want) manageable costs of living, yet a fairly vibrant culture and lifestyle."
Are National Anthem Protests Costing NFL Viewership?"You start to figure out you can get along without football, there are other things out there I can do."
State Responsible As Detroit Schools Filled With Illiteracy, Black Mold, Vermin and Dangerous Playgrounds, Lawsuit ClaimsThe suit alleges there are Detroit schools with no books, sex toys on playgrounds, mice and black mold, and students who can't even sound out words.
Jim Harbaugh On Booger-Gate: 'I Have Never'97.1 The Ticket morning show host Jamie Samuelsen doesn't believe it, claiming that at some point in their lives everyone has eaten a booger.
Expert: Trump's Detroit Visit To Show Suburbs 'He’s Not An Evil, Racist Bigot'"There is some strategy in having him appear sensitive to minority communities to make him less troublesome to some of his suburban white voters."
Ted Nugent Announces He'll Run For President ... On One Condition"I'm going to run, and I know how to fix America, it's so simple it's stupid."
Wild Night Caught In Detroit With Street Fire, Hit And Run, Naked Hookers [VIDEO]At a liquor store on Joy Road, he stumbled onto what looked like a fight between a man and a couple of women. The man gets hit -- hard -- by a car speeding away from the lot. He drops, then picks himself up, never losing hold of what appears to be a beer in his hand.
Jim Rome Calls Harbaugh 'Miserable,' Coach Claps Back With Twitter ThreatRome said: "This guy’s not going to last long.”
Unruffled Donald Trump Faces Raucous Crowd In Detroit - Mike Pence Makes Surprise Appearance [LIVE VIDEO]"I want to jumpstart America. It can be done. And it won’t even be that hard,” he said.
WWE Wrestler Rhino, AKA Terrance Gerin, Wins Michigan Primary VoteWhile supporters were casting ballots for him, Gerin was live on WWE's "Smackdown" in all his heaving, sweaty glory.
Donald Trump Will Win The Presidency, Michael Moore SaysMaher, a noted liberal, urged Moore to keep saying it every day, responding "the enemy is complacency."
Pokemon Go Credited With Saving Family's Home"It could have escalated into something much bigger."
Cop's Wife Threatened On Facebook By Pic Of Officer With Throat Cut, Tagged 'Black Lives Matter'Another message was rife with expletives and threatened to harm her, saying they hope the next killing is "in her family."
Michigan Tot Practicing In Bathroom For Active Shooter Scenario Photo Goes Viral"They are barely 3 and they will hide in bathroom stalls standing on top of toilet seats. I do not know what will be harder for them? Trying to remain quiet for an extended amount of time or trying to keep their balance without letting a foot slip below the stall door?"
Insane Clown Posse Show Cancelled Over Faygo ConcernsICP apparently sprays 600 to 800 bottles of Michigan's sweetest soda at shows and decided to cancel rather than submit to demands from the Loft in Lansing to keep it clean.