University Of Michigan To Compete On The Price Is Right's College Rivals EpisodeThe Price Is Right is celebrating “rivalry week” with a football themed show!
Grand Valley State Students Drop Pledge At Campus MeetingMembers of the student government at Grand Valley State University scratched the Pledge of Allegiance from the agenda at a recent meeting.
More Tension At Wayne State University Over President's JobFour members of the governing board at Wayne State University have voted to oust the president, but the result might not hold up.
University Tells Students Not To Use Social Media Apps In ChinaStudents and faculty at the University of California (UC) have been warned against using social media apps while visiting China.
Michigan College Democrats Challenge Election LawsMichigan college students who consider themselves Democrats have filed a lawsuit, arguing that the state's voting laws violate their rights.
KFC Offering $11,000 If You Name Your Baby After Colonel SandersIn honor of "The Colonel," parents can enter to win a cash prize if their child is born on Sanders' birthday and shares his name.
Instagram And Tinder Go Back To School With Features Just For College KidsFacebook and Tinder started on college campuses, and so it makes sense that their latest features mark a return to those humble origins.
Teen Asked God For Help Paying For College In Note Tied To Balloons, A Minister Answered Her Prayer Mykehia Curry is going to be the first member of her family to go to college, but she needed a little help to get there.
Michigan Democrats Propose Free Community College PlanMichigan's House Democrats want the state to provide full-tuition scholarships for community college students.
Going to the Wrong College Can Lead to DepressionGoing off to college might be a source of anxiety for some students, but once a student is on campus it shouldn't be a total drag.
Michigan Lawmakers Vote To Cut College Aid For Those That Don’t Meet Post-Nassar RulesMichigan lawmakers voted Thursday to threaten a 10 percent state funding cut for any university that fails to comply with new requirements prompted by the Nassar sexual assault case.