Detroit Teachers Union Says Threats Of Arrest Made Should Independent Inspectors Be Let InThe letter from DPS Emergency Manager Darnell Earley stated that if teachers allowed inspectors into the building, police would be called and teachers could be arrested according to Bailey.
Committee Wants US Marshals To 'Hunt Down' Darnell Earley, Force Testimony In Flint Water CrisisIf Darnell Earley refuses to testify in the case, he could face up to a year in federal prison.
Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager Darnell Earley To ResignEarley is leaving his position by the end of the month, Gov. Snyder's office confirmed.
Gov. Snyder, Michigan Department Of Environmental Quality Served Subpoenas Over Flint Water CrisisAttorneys representing Flint residents in a class-action lawsuit tied to the city's water crisis want more information from the government.
Judge Dismisses Case Against Striking Teachers GroupA judge has dismissed the case against ousted activist Detroit teacher Steve Conn and the Strike To Win Group.
Detroit Teachers Plan Protest At Court Hearing On Sick-outTeachers are upset over pay, class sizes, building conditions and Gov. Rick Snyder's plan to overhaul the district.
Sickout Planned By Some DPS Students: 'If Everybody Is Saying The Conditions Are Terrible, Why Are They Just Ignoring This?'Some Cass Technical High School students are planning their own sickout in response to the poor conditions of Detroit Public Schools.
Detroit Teachers Stage Mass Sickout On Day Of Obama's Visit, Protest Planned At Cobo CenterNearly every public school across the city is closed Wednesday because of excessive teacher absences.
Michigan Governor Named In Class Action Lawsuit Connected To Flint Water CrisisGovernor Rick Snyder is among several public officials named in a class action lawsuit stemming from the water crisis in Flint.
'Sickouts' Get The Attention Of State Superintendent, Talks Pending With DPS Emergency ManagerState Superintendent Brian Whiston says he understands the teachers frustration.
Emergency Manager Reverses King's Detroit Title Game ForfeitUndefeated King High will play for the Detroit Public School League Division 1 title after the football team initially was told it forfeited the game following an on-field fight after a semifinal win.