Obama Aims To Boost Michigan Democratic TurnoutFormer President Barack Obama has appearances in Wisconsin and Michigan on Friday aimed at boosting turnout to aid Democrats, including black voters.
Democrats Seek Elusive Full Control Of Michigan LegislatureDemocrats who have long been outnumbered in Michigan's Republican-led Legislature are expected to make gains in the November election.
False Alarm: Democrats Say Feared Hack Attempt Was Just A TestThe Democratic National Committee said late Wednesday night that what it had earlier feared was the beginning of a sophisticated attempt to hack into its voter database, was, in fact, an unauthorized "simulated phishing test"
Democrats in Michigan Seek to Flip HouseAs midterm elections draw national attention to Michigan, some wonder if the battleground state that helped put Donald Trump in the Oval Office two years ago will continue its Republican-trifecta streak.
Elizabeth Warren At NAACP Dinner: Sessions 'On Mission To Turn Clock Back 157 Years'U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren was the keynote speaker for the NAACP Freedom Fund event.
Democrats Hold Third Forum For Potential Candidates In DetroitThe Democratic National Committee will hold a forum in Detroit on electing new members and candidates for office.
Michigan Democrats Try To Regroup For 2018 After Losses"I think Democrats have to do a real soul-searching and an assessment — how are they going to define themselves?"
Clinton, Sanders Clash On Guns, Economy, Foreign PolicyIn a moment of political unity - and levity - Bernie Sanders leapt to Hillary Clinton's defense on the issue of her controversial email practices as secretary of state.
Democrat Sanders On Low End Of Earners Among CandidatesBernie Sanders got less than $2,000 total for three speaking appearances since last fall according to documents filed.
Eliminating Tax Credits For Low-Income Families Part Of New Republican Plan To Fix Roads"We can do it - if we have the will to prioritize," said House Speak Kevin Cotter.
Founder Of 5-Hour Energy Drink Is Big Political DonorThe billionaire founder of the 5-hour Energy drink and his Michigan-based companies have given millions to candidates for state office and political groups across the country, but he remains little-known in his home state.