3 DPS Principals Arraigned In Connection With Alleged Kickback SchemeThree former and current DPS principals faced a judge for the first time since being charged with conspiracy to commit bribery.
2 Detroit Schools Shut Off Water Fountains Over Elevated Levels Of Copper, LeadThe lead discovery was made as part of an effort to test drinking water at all of the district's schools.
Snyder Signs $48.7M In Emergency Aid For Detroit Schools“This continues to demonstrate that the challenges at DPS aren’t just Detroit’s problem..."
Michigan Lawmakers OK $48.7 Million In Detroit School AidThe $48.7 million is a stopgap measure while the GOP governor presses legislators to enact a $720 million restructuring plan to split the district and pay off $515 million in operating debt over a decade.
Committee Passes $48.7M Bill To Keep Detroit Schools Open Until End Of YearMichigan lawmakers are making moves to make sure the Detroit Public Schools district has enough money to stay open through the end of the year.
Payless Paydays Ahead For Detroit Teachers? District Set To Run Out Of Cash By April 8The clock is ticking for Detroit Public Schools toward payless paydays.
Application Period To Start For 22 Detroit SchoolsApplications are open to current students, those who are starting school, and those who now attend school outside the district.
Ellen DeGeneres Announces $500K In Donations For Detroit SchoolA Detroit school in dire need of upgrades and repairs is getting some help from Ellen DeGeneres.
Detroit District Shifts $300K To Address Building IssuesThe school district said the funds are being transferred from existing spending plans of other district departments.
Detroit School Principal Who Drove Maserati Pleads Guilty To Taking BribesA former Detroit high school principal who drove a Maserati has pleaded guilty to accepting nearly $60,000 from a company hired to perform tutoring services.
Sickout Planned By Some DPS Students: 'If Everybody Is Saying The Conditions Are Terrible, Why Are They Just Ignoring This?'Some Cass Technical High School students are planning their own sickout in response to the poor conditions of Detroit Public Schools.
Detroit Starts City-Wide Inspections Of School BuildingsEach of the district's 97 school buildings is to be looked at by the end of April.
'Sickouts' Get The Attention Of State Superintendent, Talks Pending With DPS Emergency ManagerState Superintendent Brian Whiston says he understands the teachers frustration.
Fewer Security Guards In Detroit Schools Due To Budget Cuts"Things happen in a school in an instant..."
Gov. Snyder Pitches Pricey Plan To Fix Detroit Schools"I want to help these kids as fast as we can."