'Super Snake' Slithering Around Florida? DNA Study Says YesA study of Florida's python population has discovered some unnerving information about a possibly terrifying new breed of slithering creatures.
DNA Reveals First-Known Child Of Neanderthal And DenisovanA 50,000-year-old bone fragment from a Russian cave represents the first known remains of a child who had a Neanderthal mother and a Denisovan father, according to a new study.
Man Busted After DNA Is Found On Cigarette Loses AppealA man tripped up by his own DNA on a cigarette butt has lost an appeal of a breaking-and-entering conviction in western Michigan.
DNA Helps ID Michigan Man Who Died In Arkansas In 1989Charles Cornell was 30 when he was last seen by relatives in 1986.
New DNA Testing Points To Different Killer In 1981 SlayingOfficials say new DNA testing points to a different killer in a 1981 slaying for which a Michigan man is serving a life sentence.
Bear That Mauled Michigan Girl 2 Years Ago KilledAbby Wetherell was attacked in August 2013 as she jogged on a dirt road near Cadillac.
Michigan Apartment Complex Using DNA To Identify Dog FecesIf feces are found on the grounds, a sample will be sent to PooPrints, where it will be matched to the offending dog and owner.
Biological Property: Michigan Police Urged To Return DNA Evidence Faster"The worry is that they have someone's DNA and health profile. There is no reason to keep it if the person is acquitted."
'Genes For Good' Facebook App Lets Users Get In Touch With Their DNAParticipants can choose to do the profile only, but those who provide a saliva sample will get information on ancestry and their genetic profile.
Authorities Exhume Bodies In Effort To Close Decades-Old Cold CasesInvestigators are hoping to obtain DNA evidence to help solve the cases.
Not The Father, But Court Holding Him Responsible For Child SupportThe man said a DNA test taken years after the 1987 birth proves he isn't the father.