Epicenter Brings 'A Comic Folktale'The problem, it seems, is this: Huey has come to believe his manhood was stolen three years ago by his ex-wife, Janice (Erin Edgerton), and he can't move forward with his life until he woos Janice and gets her back.
'Xanadu': A Place You Should Totally Dare To GoIn the interest of full disclosure, I feel compelled to reveal, before critiquing Meadow Brook Theatre's new production of "Xanadu," that in 1980, a certain 9-year-old girl – ahem - fell wildly, stupidly in love with the much-maligned movie flop of the same name.
'Nunsense': Will It Bring Heavenly Bonanza Of Ticket Sales? The premise – for the five or so of you who haven't seen the show yet – is simple: A cooking accident by convent cook Sister Julia, Child of God, has wiped out 52 members of the Little Sisters of Hoboken.
Theater Asks: Morals, Morals, Who's Got The Morals?Written more than a decade ago but reminiscent of today's Occupiers, "The Altruists" unfolds in three bedrooms scattered across New York City. It's Sunday, and yet another protest is on the agenda – although no one is quite sure what the subject-du-jour might be.
'Little Voice,' Bring Big Dreams To Planet Ant in DetroitSurrounded by a packed house filled with many familiar faces from the Ant's history – Madias sat and watched her dreams unfold. The rest of us were treated to one of the most memorable nights of theater I've had so far this season.
Mystery Solved At Go Comedy! If you like raw humor and a silly plot delivered by an experienced team of improvisers and actors, you'll hit the mother lode with "Menllenium Saves the World."
Wanna Be The Next Theater Sensation? Visit The Ringwald The Ringwald Theatre in Ferndale is hosting an informational meeting for anyone who is interested in directing a short play as part of this year’s Gay Play Series.
'Prepare Ye' For A Delightful 'Godspell' At The EncoreThe result, then, is a thoroughly delightful production that will entertain young and old alike this Easter season.
Shrek In Detroit: Seein' Plenty Of Green The production of "Shrek" at the Fisher Theatre accomplished the near impossible: It held the attention of the very young seated all around me from start to finish.
A Brave Debut: Young, Talented Artists Tackle 'Commedia'Commedia is a highly stylized form of theater that utilizes "stock" characters to play specific roles such as the master, the servant and the lovers.
Purple Rose Pulls No Punches In 'A Stone Carver'In "A Stone Carver" at The Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea, a now-adult son must come to terms with his cantankerous father with whom he's had little contact in recent times.