Detroit Gets 'Little Big World' Treatment By German Tilt-Shift Video ProducersDetroit joins places like Chicago, San Francisco, Québec and Israel in the portfolio of Berlin based Spoonfilm's tilt-shift videos.
Metro Detroit Company Gets FAA Approval For Drone Use"We are the first firm in Michigan to get an exemption for sort of sundry commercial use."
Farbman Group Brings Miniature Camera Technology To Real EstateSouthfield-based Farbman Group is now utilizing miniature cameras for marketing, recruiting and customer service purposes.
Golf Course Drone Delivers Cigars To Your Hole [VIDEO]The only problem with the drone is it could eventually get rid of the cute cart girl.
Michigan State Police Want To Use Aerial Drone StatewidePolice say the drone, which costs about $158,000, would reduce the time required to survey and reconstruct major crash scenes.
Michigan Scraps Drone Delivery Of Game BallUniversity of Michigan officials cancelled plans to use a drone to deliver the game ball to Michigan Stadium in its weekend matchup against Utah.
Stirring Final Stage Of Brewster-Douglass Buildings Demolition Documented By Time-lapse, Drone VideoVideo cameras documented the . The time-lapse and aerial video shows an up-close view of the wrecking ball and a high reach excavator doing their work.
Karsch And Anderson Drone ApprovedThis is the first use for a drone that Karsch and Anderson approve of:
Sources: Predator Drone May Have Killed US TroopsThe military is investigating what appears to be the first case of American troops, including one from Michigan, killed by a missile from a U.S. drone