Google Employees Demand Company Stop Work On U.S. Military ProjectOver 3,000 employees at Google have signed an open letter to the company's leadership urging them to drop out of the Pentagon's project to equip drones with artificial intelligence.
Bill In Michigan Legislature Seeks To Ban Weaponized Drones"We don't need flying guns in Michigan," Rep. Jon Hoadley said.
White Castle To Deliver Crave Cases By Drones Across America [VIDEO]It's a bird! It's a plane! No -- it's the White Castle Crave Copter!
University Of Michigan Announces Temporary Ban On Drone UseThe restrictions apply to all students, faculty, staff, guests and visitors.
Drones At Stadiums Are Easy To Spot, But Hard To Stop"It's scary for all of us," said Lou Marciani, the director of the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security.
State Board Bans Drones Over Michigan Capitol BuildingUnmanned aircraft have been banned from flying over the Michigan statehouse.
Consumers Energy Debuts Drone To Monitor Utility LinesConsumers Energy has launched a drone to inspect utility poles and wind turbines in parts of Michigan.
Ferndale Grounds Plan To Ban Drones After PushbackOfficials in a Detroit suburb have grounded plans to ban drones from flying over the city.
Ferndale City Council To Vote On Drone Ban"I realize a lot of people have mixed feelings about drones,..."
Michigan House Approves Bill Prohibiting Drones For HuntingMichigan's House has approved two bills that would prohibit the use of drones by hunters and those seeking to interfere with hunting.
Michigan State Police Officials Demonstrate Aerial DroneState officials announced the Federal Aviation Administration's approval to use the drone,