Former Globetrotter's Alley-oop Completely Owns Defender, Own Team's Reaction Is PricelessAngelo Sharpless bounces the ball to himself over a defender and throws down a dramatic two handed slam dunk.
Man Tries To Dunk Over A Car And Fails Miserably [VIDEO]It's very seldom that you will find someone being original in a dunk contest.
ICYMI: Watch Two Views On MSU Forward Matt Costello's Rebound And Dunk6'9" forward Matt Costello put on a show during Wednesday's 72-66 win over Purdue. Rodney Trice's missed free throw led to Costello getting a rebound, threw down a one-handed dunk and while getting fouled.
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Beer Pong Dunk Fail [VIDEO]This guy attempts to do the Isaiah Rider,"The East Bay Funk Dunk" during the game and completely and utterly failed. Slamming into the table and flipping it.
5'10" Jeff Remmington Throws Down Huge Dunks In Drew League [VIDEO]Remmington stole the show with two thunderous dunks on players from the opposing team.
Unique McLean Dunks Between His Legs Over Teammate [VIDEO]The only question is -- If he chose U of D, would he be a better dunker than Doug Anderson?
DeMar DeRozan Dunks All Over Kyle Singler [VIDEO] DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors is one of the NBA's premier dunkers.
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