Report: Detroit Among 6 Toughest Cities to Save MoneyHow hard is it to save? That depends on many things and where you live is one of them.
US Economy Grows at Fastest Pace Since 2014The US economy roared into high gear in the spring, growing at the fastest pace in almost four years.
Teens in Detroit Jobs Program to Learn Financial LiteracyAbout 130 teens participating in a Detroit summer employment program also will learn about personal financial literacy.
Five Years Ago Detroit Was Bankrupt, Now It's Coming Back Five years ago, Detroit was America's poster city for urban decay.
New York and Three Other States Claim Trump Tax Law is UnconstitutionalNew York, Connecticut, Maryland and New Jersey filed a lawsuit Tuesday claiming last year's tax overhaul violated the constitution by unfairly targeting Democratic states.
Back-To-School Spending Expected to Reach $82.8 BillionParents and students will spend $82.8 billion on back-to-school shopping this year. That amount includes both K-12 and college spending.
How Innovation Helped Save DetroitJust five years after Detroit was forced to file for bankruptcy protection, the city has become a thriving hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.
Prices are Rising Faster Than They Have in Six YearsThe Consumer Price Index, which tracks most items on the average city-dwelling American's shopping list, rose 2.9% last month — its fastest pace since 2012.
Report: Childcare Costs in Michigan, Birth Rate Hits 30-Year LowThe CDC reported in May that the United States birth rate dipped to a 30-year low in 2017 overall and for nearly all age groups of women under the age of 40.
Airlines Are Starting to Worry About Rising Fuel CostsHigh fuel prices are becoming a big problem for airlines.
Unemployment Rate Rises to 4%; US Economy Adds 213,000 JobsThe US economy just keeps cranking out jobs.
Families Earning $117K Now Qualify As "Low Income" in California's Bay AreaA report out this week from the Department of Housing and Urban Development finds the median price for a single-family home in the Bay Area is now $935,000.
State: No Emergency Manager Currently Operating in MichiganState Treasurer Nick Khouri says that for the first time in nearly 18 years no Michigan city or public school district is under financial oversight through an emergency manager.
Report: Super Bowl Brought $370M to Economy of Twin CitiesFrigid Super Bowl LII brought $370 million in net new spending to the "Bold North" Twin Cities area.
The Best Affordable College Towns for Recent GradsSo where are the best college towns that offer the best of everything? The data team set out to find them.