Michigan Democrats Try To Regroup For 2018 After Losses"I think Democrats have to do a real soul-searching and an assessment — how are they going to define themselves?"
Election Ensures Republicans An 8-Year Reign In LansingWhen Snyder leaves office after 2018, the GOP will have held both chambers and the governorship for eight consecutive years — the longest run for either party since 1932, when Republicans' 16-year reign came to a close.
Canton Cop Suspended, Accused Of Posting Racial Slur Targeting ProtestersA Canton police officer has been suspended after allegedly posting a racist comment online.
What Happens To Campaign Signs After Election Is Over?Are you tired of seeing all those political signs now that election is over?
Anti-Trump Protests Continue; Opponents Call Them Hypocrites"You're literally protesting against free democratic elections. Go live in North Korea."
U-M Students Paint Over Crude Messages Found After ElectionOn Wednesday afternoon, about 15 people gathered to paint the words "Love Em All" over the other messages.
Anti-Trump Protesters Carry Upside Down American Flag In March Down Woodward Ave.A noisy group took to the streets of downtown Detroit — stopping traffic as they demonstrate against the election of Donald Trump.
Metro Detroit Muslims Express Fears Facing A Trump Presidency"Some of the rhetoric during the election made a lot of immigrants,..very uncomfortable, and even threatened."
Robert Ficano Loses Comeback Bid In Race For JudgeFormer Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano has finished far behind in his bid to return to public office as a judge.
Donald Trump Officially Wins Michigan; Voting Margin Less Than A Half PercentIt's official: The majority of Michigan voters elected Donald Trump to be the nation's next president.
Regional Transit Authority Tax Proposal Narrowly Defeated In Metro DetroitTo pass, the proposal needed overall support across the four counties, but not the majority vote of each county.
Michigan Gov. Snyder Refuses To Weigh In On Whether President-Elect Donald Trump Is Qualified To Lead NationThey might belong to the same political party, but that doesn't mean they like each other.
Michigan Election Results: Candidates Voted Into OfficeWho did the voters choose? Get the latest on Election Day 2016 in Michigan.
L. Brooks Patterson Elected To 7th Term As Oakland County ExecutiveL. Brooks Patterson has been elected to his seventh term as executive of Michigan's second-largest county.
US Rep. Candice Miller Wins County Public Works PostU.S. Rep. Candice Miller is returning to Michigan as Macomb County public works commissioner after a tough campaign for the little-known office.