A Month Into Presidency, Trump Prepares For A Campaign RallyPresident Trump is holding a campaign rally Saturday in Florida — 1,354 days before the 2020 election.
Officials: Audit Finds 31 Michigan Voters Voted Twice In Presidential ElectionMeantime, state elections officials say they found no evidence of voter fraud in a separate review of precincts in Detroit.
Michigan OKs New Voting Equipment For Statewide Use By 2018Michigan has approved contracts to replace thousands of machines that count paper ballots in elections.
Board Deadlocked After Michigan AG Files Lawsuit To Halt Election RecountThis means the recount could more forward next week.
Recount In Michigan Isn't About Fraud, It's About Missed Votes, Stein's Lawyer SaysThe words "fraud" and "rigged" were thrown around a lot during the 2016 Presidential campaign, but Mark Brewer says the recount effort isn't about that.
Michigan Moves Ahead With Election Recount After Trump WinA by-hand recount of Michigan's presidential election is going forward.
'Hillacream' And 'Trumpkin' Pies Featuring Candidates' Faces Big Sellers For Local BakerFor those tired of the bitterness of the presidential campaign, it's a sweet alternative.
Michigan Ban On Ballot Selfies Will Stand During ElectionThe state says it's trying to avoid "chaos."
Bill Clinton Seeks 'Black Vote' For Hillary At Private Meeting In Detroit"The message was we've gotta get Hillary elected, and we have to be sure that we're mobilizing our troops."
Survey Shows Clinton Winning Michigan Easily Over Trump“Michigan looks set to remain blue this year as Trump has failed to expand his base..."
Judge Blocks Michigan Ban On 'Ballot Selfies' On Nov. 8A voter filed a lawsuit after learning that a picture of a ballot could get him in trouble.