Flint Serial Stabber Sentenced To Life In PrisonA man convicted of murder in a 2010 stabbing spree in Michigan was sentenced to life in prison Monday, wrapping up the first in a series of cases against Elias Abuelazam.
Flint Serial Stabber Convicted Of MurderA man suspected of fatally stabbing five men and wounding nine others in and around the Michigan city of Flint two summers ago was convicted Tuesday of first-degree murder in the first case to go to trial.
Expert: Flint Serial Stabber Is SchizophrenicA psychiatrist testifying for the defense said Elias Abuelazam had "bizarre delusions" that "evil forces directed him to harm others."
Uncle Testifies In Flint Serial Stabbing TrialThe uncle of a man who police say went on a stabbing spree says he doesn't see his nephew as a violent person.
Trial Begins For Man Accused In 2010 Flint Stabbing SpreeTrial begins Tuesday for an Israeli-born man in the first murder case to come from a series of mysterious stabbings that left the city of Flint terrorized nearly two years ago.
Prosecutors Win Key Ruling In Flint Stabbing CaseA jury that hears the first murder trial linked to a 2010 stabbing spree in Michigan will be allowed to consider evidence of the other attacks, a judge said Friday.
Uncle Helped Suspected Flint Serial StabberThe uncle of a man charged in a series of stabbings helped his nephew try to flee the country after hearing he had been involved in an assault, according to newly unsealed court records.
Accused Serial Stabber's Mental Health Still In Question Mental-health issues still are unresolved in the case of the suspected Flint serial stabber.
Judge Orders 3rd Murder Trial In Serial StabbingsA man blamed for a series of stabbings in and around Flint has been ordered to trial in a third case of murder.
Serial Killer Targeted In Poisoning AttemptProsecutor David Leyton says an inmate tried to put an oven cleaner in Elias Abuelazam's food.
4 More Trials Ordered In Flint Stabbing SpreeThe trials are piling up for a man accused of being a Michigan serial killer after a judge ordered four more on charges of attempted murder in the Flint area.