Comerica Park Worker Charged After Video Shows Spitting On Pizza20-year-old food service worker at Comerica Park in Detroit has been charged after a video was posted online that appeared to show him spitting on a pizza intended for customers during a Major League Baseball game.
MSU Health Physicist Charged with BestialityMichigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has charged a man with two counts of bestiality.
Detroit City Employee Pleads Guilty in $265,000 Theft A woman who worked for the city of Detroit has pleaded guilty to stealing $265,000.
Employee Who Stole Hundreds of Shinola Watches Gets Prison TimeAn employee who stole at least 500 watches from Shinola, a Detroit watch maker, has been sentenced.
[VIDEO] Water Thrown In The Face Of Homeless Man By McDonald's EmployeeCaught on camera, the worker is initially talking to a drive-thru customer when attention turns toward the homeless man.
Farm Loses Appeal Over Status Of Cucumber Pickers An appeals court agrees with a Grand Rapids federal judge who found that workers on a northern Michigan pickle farm were employees, not independent contractors.
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