Detroit Police Department Employee Dies From Coronavirus, Others Under QuarantineThe department has not released the name of the employee, but they did say he was an 11-year veteran with the department.
Coronavirus In Michigan: MDOC Probation Agent Tests Positive For COVID-19The employee had a recent history of international travel.
Do You Smoke? Then You Can't Work For U-Haul In Michigan21 states allow an employer to decline to hire someone based on their nicotine use, according to the company, and it will implement the policy in those states as of February 1.
Comerica Park Worker Charged After Video Shows Spitting On Pizza20-year-old food service worker at Comerica Park in Detroit has been charged after a video was posted online that appeared to show him spitting on a pizza intended for customers during a Major League Baseball game.
MSU Health Physicist Charged with BestialityMichigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has charged a man with two counts of bestiality.
Detroit City Employee Pleads Guilty in $265,000 Theft A woman who worked for the city of Detroit has pleaded guilty to stealing $265,000.
Employee Who Stole Hundreds of Shinola Watches Gets Prison TimeAn employee who stole at least 500 watches from Shinola, a Detroit watch maker, has been sentenced.
[VIDEO] Water Thrown In The Face Of Homeless Man By McDonald's EmployeeCaught on camera, the worker is initially talking to a drive-thru customer when attention turns toward the homeless man.
Farm Loses Appeal Over Status Of Cucumber Pickers An appeals court agrees with a Grand Rapids federal judge who found that workers on a northern Michigan pickle farm were employees, not independent contractors.
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