Epicenter Brings 'A Comic Folktale'The problem, it seems, is this: Huey has come to believe his manhood was stolen three years ago by his ex-wife, Janice (Erin Edgerton), and he can't move forward with his life until he woos Janice and gets her back.
Review: 'Taking Care Of Mimi' Is No Mini TaskThe subtitle of "Taking Care of Mimi" is "A morality murder mystery."
'The Do Over' In Hamtramck Gets It Right The First Time"The Do Over" runs only about an hour, yet never seems rushed. The story has a beginning, a middle and an end, but just when you think it's all wrapped up, along comes a sweet little coda.
'Xanadu': A Place You Should Totally Dare To GoIn the interest of full disclosure, I feel compelled to reveal, before critiquing Meadow Brook Theatre's new production of "Xanadu," that in 1980, a certain 9-year-old girl – ahem - fell wildly, stupidly in love with the much-maligned movie flop of the same name.
Review: 'Beyond Therapy' Is A Madcap RompWritten and set in the 1980s (although it takes a while to realize it), the play bears a certain resemblance to another funny holdover from back then: David Letterman's Top 10 list.
The Ringwald Brings Heavenly Comedy Down To EarthThere's trouble lurking behind closed doors of the convent.
Chemistry Sizzles At Tipping Point ShowTipping Point Theatre's production of Ivan Menchell's "The Cemetery Club" features a leading ensemble that has that chemistry down; what they lack is a script that feels like more than an occasionally funny, warmed-over sitcom.
'I Pagliacci' Continues Through May 20 At Detroit Opera HouseMOT, even in the toughest of financial times, continues to produce singular opera, beautifully cast, a dynamic orchestra and one of the best choruses one could ask for – at the top of Michigan's cultural pyramid.
Heart'felt' 'Avenue Q' Is Risque Fun, 'Fur' Sure! "Avenue Q" is a counter-cultural poke at its inspiration's incessant optimism. Regardless of the puppetry involved, this ain't kid's stuff. Both in song and story, the musical is profane, bawdy, and occasionally raunchy.
Review: JET's 'M. Butterfly' Takes Wing, But Could Use More HeatThe scenes between him and Yoo play out like the sentimental melodrama of opera – deliberately, since it is through this medium that they meet, and Puccini's "Madame Butterfly" acts as a cultural blueprint for the whole play.
Theater Asks: Morals, Morals, Who's Got The Morals?Written more than a decade ago but reminiscent of today's Occupiers, "The Altruists" unfolds in three bedrooms scattered across New York City. It's Sunday, and yet another protest is on the agenda – although no one is quite sure what the subject-du-jour might be.
Detroit Theater Experience Takes On The TownThe out-of-theater experience includes the lot at Detroit Farm and Garden and the plaza of the Bagley Street Pedestrian Bridge, the weak bandage on that battle wound from technology run amok, I-75.
'Little Voice,' Bring Big Dreams To Planet Ant in DetroitSurrounded by a packed house filled with many familiar faces from the Ant's history – Madias sat and watched her dreams unfold. The rest of us were treated to one of the most memorable nights of theater I've had so far this season.
'Blue Man Group' Invades DetroitThe humor is distinctively off-the-wall and runs the scale from sophisticated wit to gags that will thrill 14-year-old boys. It is accompanied by a surprisingly unified musical score.
Glorious Rhythm & Blues 'From My Hometown' At Meadow Brook"From My Hometown" is about three vocalists – each seeped in the musical traditions of his hometown, lured from their roots to seek fame as recording artists in New York City.