Standby Mode An Energy Waster; Turn It All Off In 2014Here's an easy way to make an extra $250 in 2014: take common household electronic devices off standby mode, and instead shut them off entirely.
BC Celebrates Energy-Saving Rec Center With Open HouseA parks and recreation center in Battle Creek was to hold a community open house Wednesday night after a $1.3 million energy saving project managed by Framingham, Mass.-based Ameresco Inc.
In The Spotlight: Saving Green By Going Green With Walker-Miller Energy ServicesYou might think that by now, with all the money building owners and managers can save through energy conservation, every building in Michigan would have had an energy audit. But you would be wrong. The good thing about that is, there's plenty of business out there for a company like Walker-Miller Energy Services LLC in Detroit. "I would say 99 percent of buildings have never had an energy audit," said Carla Walker-Miller, who founded the company in 2000. Conservation is the lowest-hanging fruit of making a building greener. And over the course of a major building's lifetime, it can literally save millions, Walker-Miller said. Walker-Miller said most owners make the mistake of building a structure they'll occupy for decades based on the lowest bid, without considering how spending a little more on construction will pay off big over the years. As for existing buildings, she said there are plenty of steps most building owners and managers can take to button up their buildings and install more efficient heating, cooling, lighting and controls technologies. And frequently, there are government and utility rebates and other support for such projects. Walker-Miller is a native of who got engineering degrees from Tennessee State University in 1981 and later worked for big companies like Westinghouse selling big electrical equipment to utilities. She came to Detroit in 1990 to work for ABB, the company that had purchased Westinghouse, and eventually went into business for herself. But when the last recession hit, sales tightened, and the focus of her business shifted to energy conservation services. And while she'll still sell you big electrical system hardware, the conservation part of the business is what's really growing. Walker-Miller said her company has 30 employees; among them are electrical and mechanical engineers, certified building analysts, certified energy managers -- green building experts. And there’s more growth ahead: Draft legislation was introduced in April to increase renewable energy targets through 2021. The issue is under review by Gov. Rick Snyder, the Michigan Public Service Commission and the Michigan Energy Office. If passed, there will be financial incentives to encourage additional investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy. To find out how Walker-Miller can make your company and its buildings greener, visit
MGM Grand Detroit Completes One of Nation's Largest LED Parking Garage RetrofitsMGM Grand Detroit announced it had completed the light-emitting diode (LED) lamp retrofit of its parking garage, which spans an amazing 61 acres of space.
Consumers Boosts Energy Value, Provides $7.3M In Energy Efficiency IncentivesConsumers Energy's Business Solutions program awarded $7.3 million in incentives in the fourth quarter of 2012 to help Michigan commercial and industrial customers become more energy efficient.
ReNu Recycling Grows With Green AwarenessScrapyards by nature aren't really pretty places. But when you hear Norbert Wierszewski talk about his ReNu Recycling in Redford Township, it's a paradise of green technology.
Detroit EDC OK's Energy Conservation GrantsThe Economic Development Corp. of the City of Detroit has approved $253,732 in SmartBuildings Detroit matching grants to make energy-saving improvements on Shed Five in Eastern Market, a riverfront residential-health mixed-use development and a retail store.
DTE, ESD Set $250K 'E Challenge' To Save EnergyIf you've got a great idea for energy efficiency technology, DTE Energy and the Engineering Society of Detroit want to know about it. And there might be $250,000 in it for you.
Viper: Faster Customer Payback Than Expected With LED LightingTroy-based Viper Networks Inc. announced that one of its first office building clients to purchase the LED-O T8 Tube products nearly six months ago, is tracking an annual 35 percent return on investment based on reduced lighting cost and lower electric usage charges.
Nino's Cuts Energy Use 75 Percent With New LightingIn a significant move to save energy costs and to expand its green footprint, Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace has adopted American-made solid state lighting technology with incentives from DTE Energy’s Your Energy Savings Program and technology expertise from Macomb County-based Lexicon Technologies International.
SmartBuildings Grants $447k For Detroit Energy EfficiencyThe Economic Development Corp. of the City of Detroit has approved $447,000 in SmartBuildings Detroit grants to make energy-saving improvements to 10 buildings in the downtown area.
Adopt-A-Watt Launches in DearbornAdopt-A-Watt Inc. has announced a Sept. 22 launch for Dearborn’s Adopt-A-Watt Program, making it the first city in the nation to move forward with this energy saving initiative.
UM Wireless Lighting Control System To Save Energy, MoneyThe University of Michigan will test an energy-savings lighting technology that also enhances safety and visibility with a pilot project in the Hill Street parking structure adjacent to the Stephen M. Ross School of Business.
Consumers Energy Funds Energy Savings PlansJackson-based Consumers Energy said Wednesday it had awarded $11.3 million in incentives in 2010 to help 2,450 Michigan commercial and industrial customers complete projects to become more energy efficient.