Is The Quarterback Position In The NFL Dangerously Over-Inflated?Colin Kaepernick signed one of the most lucrative deals in the history of the NFL yesterday, a six-year deal which will earn him up to $126 million, with $61 million guaranteed.
Brad Ausmus Needs To Be The Boss [BLOG]Ausmus was hailed as the latest Mike Matheny, a former catcher who hadn’t managed on any level but was qualified to lead based on his baseball knowledge.
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Eric Thomas: California Shooter Wasn't Misogynist, It's Much Deeper Than ThatMass shootings have become so common that they’re barely worth mentioning anymore, itself a sad commentary on the state of things.
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Tigers Losing Streak Finally Gives Fans Something To Complain About [BLOG]It’s a blessing that the Tigers have started losing.
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The Bright Side: The NFL Draft Will Soon Be OverThe endless run-up to the NFL Draft nearly ruined it this year; the first round will come to a merciful end on Thursday night.
Let's Not Kid Ourselves: Sanctioning Sterling Doesn't Solve Racism [OPINION]“It’s a great day in sports,” said my childhood idol, “it’s a great day for society in terms of leadership.”