Electric Cars Steal The Show As Gas Prices Soar In MichiganWith gas selling at more than $4.00 per gallon in metro Detroit, a lot of people are checking out electric vehicles at the Michigan Electric Vehicle Show Saturday at Schoolcraft College.
Fisker, Luxury Electric Car Maker, Misses Federal Loan PaymentGovernment seizes $21 million from Fisker reserve account
Detroit EV Maker Unveils Sports Car; Promises Full Lineup Detroit Electric's SP:01 will have $135,000 sticker price. Future vehicles will cost much less.
New Ford Hybrid Feature Learns To Deliver More Electric-Only DrivingFord Motor Co. is touting a new patented system on its hybrid vehicles, called EV+, that allows vehicles to learn frequent destinations and changes the way power is used to deliver more electric-only driving.
EV Company Seeks To Move Past Rough StartThe CEO of luxury electric carmaker Fisker thinks the future is bright.
Ford Increases EV DevelopmentFord is opening a new Advanced Electrification Center.
Maximum Space In A Minimalist VehicleWWJ AutoBeat Reporter Jeff Gilbert takes us for a ride in a concept electric vehicle that finds interesting ways to maximize space.
Ford Begins Production of Electric FocusWWJ AutoBeat Reporter Jeff Gilbert takes us to the line at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, which will become the center of electric vehicle production for Ford.
Yet Another New Job For "Retired" Bob LutzLegendary "car guy" Bob Lutz -- who is 79 -- is joining electric vehicle company VIA Motors.
GM Works To Speed EV DevelopmentGM signing a deal with a battery supplier aimed at getting electric vehicles to market faster, and in greater numbers.
Cost Remains Barrier To Hybrid And EV GrowthA new J.D. Power study shows Americans are more interested in hybrids and electric vehicles than ever before. They just aren’t ready to buy one.