Tony Parker Shoots Fake Free ThrowsTony Parker is one of the better NBA point guards.
Fan Melts Down After Batista Wins Royal Rumble [VIDEO]This past Sunday night had the Grammys live, the NFL Pro Bowl, Family Guy and the only thing I wanted to do was order the WWE's Royal Rumble on Pay Per View.
Kate Upton Makes Salsa Dancing Even Sexier [VIDEO]Kate Upton. Those two words usually sell me.
Josh Smith With The Worst Shot EVER [VIDEO]Josh Smith should maybe watch a few of these YouTube videos before he attempts another shot like he did last night against the Dallas Mavericks.
97.1 The Ticket Webmaster Falls... AGAINAll I want to know is: which fall had you laughing more?
'LeBroning' Taking The Internet By StormFirst there was planking, then Tebowing took over the internet.
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Has Webmaster Evan Jankens Lost His Mind? [VIDEO]Take this moment, for instance, when webmaster Evan Jankens -- usually a mild-mannered sort -- seems to well, lose his mind.
Michelle Jenneke Can Shake It But Can't Use A Rope SwingJenneke can shake it with the best, she can run with the best -- too bad she can't rope swing with the best.
U of M, MSU Fans Would Do Just About Anything For Bragging RightsWe traveled to Ann Arbor and East Lansing to check the barometer of MSU / U of M hate on the streets and amongst students.
Jalen Rose Says Michael Jordan Will Play For BobcatsAnyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge Michael Jordan fan. Would I want to see him play once more?
Soccer Player Attempts To Bite Off Opponent's NoseYea, that's right, he went all Mike Tyson!
Yet Again, Another Pool Trick Shot VideoThis is the summer of basketball trick shots in the pool.
Is This The Best Pool Dunk Ever? [BLOG]Today, I realize they may have been outdone.
Jhonny Peralta Looks Like 97.1's WebmasterEverybody has a doppelgänger and if you disagree then you obviously have never seen "How I Met Your Mother".