Film Office Makes Plea For Retaining Diminished Film Incentive ProgramThe fate of the $50 million film incentive program is still in the hands of the Legislature. Meanwhile, the governor has proposed keeping it.
Michigan House OKs Version Of $37.9 Billion General Budget BillThe plan could change drastically if Michigan voters next week approve a sales tax increase to trigger more money for deteriorating roads.
Should Michigan Drop Its Film Industry Incentive Program? Senate Considers BillSome in the film industry are sounding off after the Michigan House of Representatives voted to drop the state's $50 million a year incentive program.
Michigan House Approves Bill Ending State Film IncentivesGov. Rick Snyder said he would prefer to see a "gradual ramp-down" of the program.
How Gov. Snyder, Lawmakers Are Filling Michigan's $412 Million Budget HoleGov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday plans to sign mid-budget year bills to finalize a plan to tackle Michigan's projected $412 million shortfall in two primary funds that receive about $21 billion annually in tax revenue.
Michigan Film Incentive Program Under Scrutiny Once Again"This thing is a total waste of taxpayer money, and I can't wait to get rid of it," said Rep. Jeff Farrington, of Utica.
Michigan Film Office Approves Five New Projects To Be Filmed Throughout MichiganThe Public Relations Manager for the Michigan Film Office said that 27 projects were approved for incentives in the 2014 fiscal year, being awarded $63,761,132 on $245,498,437 of approved production expenditures for the year.
Michigan Close To Extending Film Incentives After House ApprovalThe bill also would lift a $2 million-per-employee cap on salaries counted as expenditures that can be reimbursed by the state.
Roads Top Michigan Legislature's Lame-Duck AgendaMichigan lawmakers have three weeks left in their lame-duck session to enact a potentially wide-ranging assortment of bills.
2 TV Shows Awarded Michigan Film IncentivesThe Michigan Film Office says it has awarded a $1.5 million film incentive to the "Ask Dr. Nandi" talk show — and $308,869 to American Muscle.
Film Incentives Face Uncertain Future In MichiganIf you spot the Batmobile zipping around Detroit or Superman flying past the Renaissance Center this summer, you will be witnessing the latest example of Michigan's film incentives program at work.